Trending Now: Red

Trending Now: Red

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Mon 10 Dec 2018

Red is a colour of extremes, representing love, energy, danger, desire and confidence. It is a tone of tradition, a shade of symbolism, and the oldest colour we’ve ever known. But, despite harking back to Neolithic times, red remains timelessly trendy and a firm favourite in the design world.

While red retains its stature all year round, this season, it’s made a particularly noticeable comeback. Do you want to learn more about this almighty shade and how to style it in your home? Read on…

How to use red in your home

Whether you wish to brighten up a room, add a warm and cosy glow or inject some excitement into your space, red is the perfect choice. Brimming with life and personality, red will make your room come alive and help you to achieve your desired effect. Forget about incorporating this colour with the occasional ornament or accessory; now is the time to layer up paint colours, fabrics and statement pieces of furniture for a real red experience.

Warm reds all work well together, creating a striking and energetic look. Mix earthy reds like terracotta with gold or bronze metallics. Vibrant reds and spicy tones also sit well together, along with rich berry colours. For a more luxurious style, consider mixing tactile red velvets with jacquards. And for a more homely feeling, layer up red tartans and wool blends in the form of cushions and throws.

If you’re planning to combine red with grey, ensure you use a warmer grey with a pinkish tone. The neutral colours that sit between grey and beige are a good choice, pulling your red scheme together. For more of a contrast, use a mix of bold and soft reds. A more surprising combination that works brilliantly is red tones paired with their opponents on the colour wheel; tomato and coral, for example, teamed with shades of turquoise or navy. Remember to ground a more experimental scheme with neutrals to keep your space more workable.

From wallpaper and paint to upholstery and soft furnishings, there are so many ways to introduce red into your room. However, if you’re reluctant to be so bold, start out small – perhaps a statement red ottoman, or colour blocking your wall paint with a darker, earthier red tone. Remember, red is a wide-reaching shade that offers plenty of variety depending on your taste. Blush, cherry, brick, auburn and wine are just a few of the tones you could work with, ensuring that your red revamp ties in with the rest of your space, along with your personal interiors style.

Red interiors inspiration

Orange red curtains in mid-century modern room. Dark red curtains and red Roman blinds. Earthy red decor.

Modern peach red decor with white Roman blinds. Warm earthy red tones with traditional sofa. Warm terracotta decor in dining room.

Red blinds and curtains

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