The Mineral Trend: Marble, Terrazzo & Lava

The Mineral Trend: Marble, Terrazzo & Lava

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Mon 23 Apr 2018

Mineral tones and textures are making waves in this season’s interior design. Inspired by materials that have derived from the earth, the Mineral trend brings with it peace, power and a dazzling natural beauty. Read on to find out more about this stunning trend and how to bring interiors inspired by geology into your own home…

The Mineral trend involves a number of different effects, namely marble, lava and terrazzo. Natural stoney styles are also featured, such as granite countertops, along with fossils, crystals and other interesting artefacts created by Mother Nature herself. Over the last few seasons, precious stones have been staples in the world of glamorous and modern interior design (think: geode coasters, agate bookends and marble everything). Now, other geologically influenced items are finding their way into our homes. Mineral pieces bring with them natural movement and colour, along with an other-worldly organic touch that’s both grounding and magical.


Marble is one of the oldest and most popular stones used in interior design. This metamorphic stone is the beautiful result of limestone that’s been sat under pressure for a long time. It first became popular in Ancient Rome, where it was mined from the earth and then utilised in the construction of pillars, sculptures, flooring and larger architectural pieces. Nowadays, marble is most often used for kitchen worktops and tiles, favoured for its beauty and fresh, clean aesthetic.

“One of the oldest and most popular stones used in interior design.”

But you don’t have to splurge on marble to get the same look and feel in your home. Small marble pieces like coasters and clocks are a great way to introduce the trend, as well as marble wallpaper or vinyl. Marble-inspired soft furnishings are another impactful way to style up your home. Consider curtains, blinds or cushions in a delicate marble print, such as our Casadeco Earth Velours Marbre Gris/Cuirve fabric.

Of course, you needn’t feel constrained to the usual white, grey and pink marbling (typical of calacatta marble, which is one of the most popular types). While these soft shades will remain popular, geological patterns in dark, deep shades of navy, grey and black also work tremendously well. For a punchier piece, consider marble-inspired interiors in vibrant jewel tones of turquoise and emerald.



Terrazzo was the original sustainable flooring. It’s widely considered to have originated in 15th century Italy, when poor marble workers couldn’t afford to bring real marble into their own homes. They quickly realised that their skills could create a different type of marble surface. Collecting together discarded pieces, they mixed the marble chips with clay to create a haphazard but beautiful mosaic. They then sealed it with goat’s milk for a glossy effect.

This speckled pattern gained popularity again in the ’60s and ’70s, with thin-set terrazzo occurring in a wide range of colours and thicknesses. Thanks to both the retro and marble trends of the last few seasons, terrazzo has made another welcome return to our homes. It is now enjoyed in the form of recycled glass, granite, marble, concrete and metal aggregates, which are mixed with cement or epoxy and then polished up for a smooth and shiny surface.

“It’s all about sustainability choosing simple touches over extravagant creations.”

Terrazzo lends itself to the current ‘less is more’ approach that’s permeating the world of style and interiors. Nowadays, it’s all about sustainability, recycling and choosing simple touches over extravagant creations. If you want to incorporate this look into your home, rest assured that terrazzo works well in a variety of spaces, from work surfaces in the kitchen, to a stylish tiled floor, to accessories like trays and vases. The typical terrazzo patterning also looks effective when embroidered or printed on cushions and window blinds.


Lava is perhaps the most surprising effect within the Mineral trend. Starting out as magma beneath the earth’s surface, lava crystallises and creates bubbles of gas, before erupting and solidifying to form extrusive igneous rocks. The full process has helped to inform the lava trend, with patterns depicting hot molten spirals, bubbles and volcanic rocks.

“Lava designs have a unique aesthetic, bringing together chips and swirls for an organic yet mystical effect.”

A typical lava palette focuses around red, orange and black, but this season’s trend welcomes a much wider variety of shades. From dove grey and soft purple, to deep sea blue and raspberry pink, lava designs offer plenty of potential for eye-catching colour combinations, especially when combined with accents of white, copper and gold.

Lava has a unique aesthetic, bringing together chips and swirls for an organic yet mystical effect. This flow and movement is achieved with the gentle swirling of tones in watercolour-esque designs, as well as dappled inks and metallic prints. Volcanic rocks also play a big part in this trend, with textures, colours and cross-sections inspiring a wide range of interior pieces.

No longer are lava homewares limited to lamps, but the likes of coasters, mugs, mirrors and bookends, as well as blinds, curtains and cushions. The look is also particularly effective when used as a big design feature, like a statement wall.


Get the look

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