Expert Guide: How To
Measure For Curtains

Use our simple step by step guides and videos to find out how to measure for curtain poles and curtain tracks.

Always use a metal rule when taking the measurements and provide measurements in cm (unless the website mm or inch options).

If replacing curtain poles or tracks, measure the width of the existing fitting rather than the window. If measuring a pole, do not include the finials (decorative ends) in your measurements.

Measuring The Width

Measure the curtain track or pole width, not the window width. We will make the calculations so your curtain fits perfectly onto your pole or track. If you are fitting a new track or poles this should extend 15cm to 20cm either side of the window. This will allow the curtains to be stacked either side of the window.

Curtain Poles

Measure the length of the pole between the finials (decorative ends).

Curtain Rails

Measure the length of the rail. If you have a rail with an overlap in the centre, measure the length of the rail and add the overlap to this measurement.

Measuring The Drop

The length of your curtains depends on your preference. Typical length measurements as follows.

A: Full length, which is approximately 1.5 to 3cm above the floor level

B: Above the radiator, typically 1 to 3cm above the radiator.

C:Below the window sill, typically around 15cm.

D:Please allow a small gap at the bottom if measuring to the floor, to avoid your curtains getting marked from touching the floor.

Tab Top & Eyelet Curtains

For Tab Top or eyelet curtains you should take your measurements from the very top of the curtain pole.

Pencil & Pinch Pleat

Measure from the top of the track or bottom of the curtain rings to the desired length of your curtains


We recommend purchasing our Surge track at the time of ordering your curtains. Measure from the bottom of the track to where you would like your curtains to finish. For the best finish, wave curtains should sit around 1cm-2cm from the floor.

Measuring diagram

Fulness or Gathering

Once you have entered your curtain pole or rail width, we will calculate the amount of fabric required for your curtains. Some headings require more fullness or gathering than others so these headings will require more fabric which is reflected in the price of the curtains.

All curtains are made in increments of 1/2 widths:

Pencil Pleat 1.75

Pinch Pleat 2.25

Wave Pleat 2.0

Tab Top 1.5

Eyelet 1.5

An example of Pencil pleat calculations:

Track/Pole Width: 200cm.

We take your 200cm (width entered) and use the table above, so 200cm x 1.75 = 350cm. This is to allow for a generous gather. If a pair of curtains are ordered, each panel width in this example would be 175cm, working to the nearest half width of material. In essence, the amount of fabric you receive will be approximately double the Track/Pole width specified for pencil pleat.

Please note, curtains will require a join if over 1 width of fabric.


You will need an eyelet larger than your pole diameter, to ensure that the eyelets can move freely along your pole. The table below should help you in making this decision

Eyelet Size Suitable Pole Diameter
66mm 45mm
40mm 35mm
40mm 28mm
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