Expert Guide - Selecting your Roof or Skylight Window Blind

If your home has a roof or skylight windows, you may need a little help selecting the perfect blind.

Skylight windows are perfect for adding extra light into your home. Here at Blinds Direct we offer a wide range of colours with dimout or blackout options. All of our skylight roof blinds are available for the following windows: Velux, Fakro, RoofLITE & Dakstra. Our blinds are simple to install and even simpler to measure! Our expert guide will help to make choosing the right blinds for your roof window even easier.

Identifying your skylight window manufacturer

When ordering you will need to select the manufacturer, window type and size code. Most roof window manufacturers include a window type and size code on their windows, usually to be found in this position on the window frame.

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Roof Blind Code

Measuring the Window Pane

If you are having difficulty locating a code on your window, you can take the measurement of the skylight window pane. Simply measure the glass width and drop as detailed in the diagram below.

You can then use the following size tables to find the manufacturer and size code matching your measurement and enter when placing your order.

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Roof Blind Measuring

Velux Skylight Window Blinds

A popular choice for those with safety in mind. Usually offering extra security features Velux windows are recommended if your roof is easily accessible. We offer a range of roof window blinds in dimout or blackout options and beautiful, on trend colours, to perfectly fit your Velux windows.

Window Type Size Code Glass Width Glass Drop
GGL CO1 373mm 450mm
GGL CK01 373mm 502mm
GGL C02 373mm 530mm
GGL CK02 373mm 582mm
GGL CO4 373mm 730mm
GGL CK04 373mm 782mm
GGL CO6 373mm 930mm
GGL CK06 373mm 982mm
GGL FO6 483mm 930mm
GGL FK06 483mm 982mm
GGL M04 603mm 730mm
GGL M34 603mm 730mm
GGL MK34 603mm 730mm
GGL MK35 603mm 730mm
GGL MK04 603mm 782mm
GGL MK06 603mm 782mm
GGL M06 603mm 930mm
GGL M36 603mm 930mm
GGL M08 603mm 982mm
GGL M38 603mm 1150mm
GGL PO4 763mm 730mm
GGL P34 763mm 730mm
GGL PK34 763mm 730mm
GGL PK35 763mm 730mm
GGL PK04 763mm 782mm
GGL PO8 763mm 1150mm
GGL P38 763mm 1150mm
GGL PK38 763mm 1150mm
GGL PK08 763mm 1202mm
GGL P10 763mm 1350mm
GGL PK10 763mm 1402mm
GGL SO6 963mm 931mm
GGL S36 963mm 931mm
GGL SK36 963mm 931mm
GGL SK06 963mm 982mm
GGL UO4 1163mm 730mm
GGL UK04 1163mm 782mm
GGL UO8 1163mm 1150mm
GGL UK08 1163mm 1202mm

Fakro Skylight Window Blinds

Designed to address heat loss in homes, these energy efficient windows are cost efficient and help to reduce your carbon footprint. We offer the perfect pairing of roof blind for your Fakro roof windows in a wide range of attractive colours to complement your decor.

Size Code Glass Width Glass Drop
1 373mm 590mm
2 373mm 790mm
16 373mm 990mm
4 483mm 990mm
5 603mm 790mm
6 603mm 990mm
7 603mm 1210mm
15 763mm 790mm
8 763mm 990mm
9 763mm 1210mm
80 763mm 1410mm
10 963mm 990mm
11 963mm 1210mm
12 1163mm 790mm
17 1163mm 1210mm

Dakstra Skylight Window Blinds

Dakstra windows give homeowners maximum control over the natural warmth, light and air, a popular choice for those looking to reduce their energy bills. Our window blinds are simple to operate from the inside, allowing easy window opening to let the air in.

Size Code Glass Width Glass Drop
C2A 373mm 590mm
C4A 373mm 790mm
C6A 373mm 990mm
F6A 483mm 990mm
M4A 603mm 790mm
M6A 603mm 990mm
M8A 603mm 1210mm
S6A 963mm 990mm
S8A 963mm 1210mm
U4A 1163mm 790mm
U8A 1163mm 1210mm

RoofLITE Skylight Window Blinds

With their slim design and a middle-pivot handle, these windows can brighten a room with natural light or provide total darkness when coupled with our high quality blackout blinds.

Size Code Glass Width Glass Drop
C2A 373mm 590mm
C4A 373mm 790mm
C6A 373mm 990mm
F6A 483mm 990mm
M4A 603mm 790mm
M6A 603mm 990mm
M8A 603mm 1210mm
S6A 963mm 990mm
S8A 963mm 1210mm
U4A 1163mm 790mm
U8A 1163mm 1210mm

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