Measuring Guide For Curtain Poles

Please Note:

  1. All measurements should be provided in cm (unless the website gives you the option to provide the measurement in mm or inches).
  2. Always use a metal rule when taking the measurements.

If you are replacing a curtain pole or track, we advise that you measure the width of the existing fitting rather than the window. If measuring a pole, do not include the finials (decorative ends) in you measurement.

Measuring a window for a new pole or track

Measure the recess width of the window and then add at least another 15cm for each side. The suggested pole length is the recess width plus 30cm.

Measuring Recess Width
Measuring Recess Drop

Choosing the right pole diameter

When choosing a curtain pole, the required diameter will depend on the weight of the curtains. The table below offers a guide to selecting a suitably sized pole depending on the curtain weight.

Remember to take into account any extra weight such as linings. Also please note that pencil pleat curtains for example will have a greater fullness than a curtain with eyelets therefore the weight can be greater.

Diameter Curtain Weight
Up to 19mm Light weight (up to 4kgs in total)
25mm or 28mm Medium weight (up to 8kgs in total)
35mm or over Heavy weight (up to 12kgs in total)
Eyelet Size Suitable Pole Diameter
40mm 28mm
50mm 35mm
66mm 50mm

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