Child Safety Advice From Blinds Direct

One of our core missions is to help parents and carers child-proof their window treatments since in the wrong circumstances, loose blind cords can pose risks to child safety.

As a manufacturer of interior products, we have a responsibility to the public, ensuring all of our products, including blinds, are child safe and that all visitors to our website – customers and browsers alike – are aware of the child safety measures open to them.

Children are inquisitive by nature and it’s so important to bear this in mind when installing any new blinds.

Guide for making your blinds child safe

The British Blind and Shutter Association‘s (BBSA) Make it Safe campaign, which offers crucial safety advice for homeowners, landlords and those responsible for public buildings. We are proud members of the BBSA and are committed to sharing their information with our customers. Here’s what you need to know about making your blinds child safe…

How to make your blinds child safe

  • Keep blind cords, chains and tapes out of reach of children by using the correct child safety device.
  • Make sure your child cannot access the window blind by climbing onto furniture. This includes cots, sofas, chairs, tables, shelves and bookcases, which should never be located beneath or near to a window blind.
  • Ensure that all cords, chains and tapes are properly secured to the wall and remain tight.
  • Ensure all cords, chains and tapes are well out of reach, at least 1.5 metres above ground.
  • Do not tie cords together.
  • When purchasing new blinds, consider cordless or motorised blinds.
A guide to blinds child safety

Different child safety devices for blinds

The best blinds child safety devices
  • Chain-break connector: Simply attach the connector to the chain. A minimum pressure of 3kg will open and release the connector. This device is best for vertical blinds and roller blinds.
  • Cord cleat: This provides two hooks that the cord wraps around. Position high up on the wall so children cannot access. Cord cleats are designed specifically for wooden and Roman blinds.
  • Cord and chain tidy: This device includes a front plate and back plate that is attached to the wall. Chains and cords slot through the plates and fasten. This device works well for vertical, roller and Roman blinds.
  • Tie down clips: This mechanism is fastened to the wall with the chain or cord loop fastened securely onto the clip. Choose this device for roller, vertical and Roman blinds.

All our blinds child safety devices are free, quick to install, easy to use and, most importantly, child-friendly. This will provide you with peace of mind that your little ones are safe.

At Blinds Direct, child safety is paramount and we will always supply our blinds with free child safety devices. For more information, please get in touch with a member of our team.