Installing your blinds

At Blinds Direct, we make sure that every customer receives a speedy and reliable service. This extends as far as the installation of our products, which we’ve made easier by creating helpful Installation Guides.

We promise that every product can be fitted quickly and easily by following the applicable Installation Guide. Simply find the relevant guide before for your product.

Wooden Blinds

Hanging your wooden blinds neednt be a daunting task. The process differs for each manufacturer so select the relevant guide below and you'll be done before you know it.

Title Download
Touched by Design Premier & Designer Download
Touched by Design Essence Download
Express Plus Download
Arena Expressions Download
Arena Sherwood Download

Roman Blinds

Title Download
Roman Blinds - Deluxe Headrail Download

Roller Blinds

Title Download
Double Roller Blinds Download
Roller Blinds Download

Vertical Blinds

Title Download
Vertical Blinds - Face Fix Download
Vertical Blinds - Top Fix Download


Title Download

Curtain Poles

Title Download

Pleated Blinds

Title Download
Pleated Blinds - Face Fix Download
Pleated Blinds - Top Fix Download

Venetian Blinds

Title Download
Touched by Design Aluminiums Download
Global Download
Impressions Venetians Download
Arena Metal Venetians Download

Day & Night Blinds

Title Download
Day Night Blind - Face Fix Download
Day Night Blind - Top Fix Download

Roof Blinds

Title Download
Roof Blinds Download

Perfect Fit

Title Download
Perfect Fit Aluminium Blinds Download
Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds Download
Perfect Fit Roller Blinds Download
Perfect Fit Wooden Blinds Download


Title Download
Shutters Download