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A Tasteful Look At Fruit Decor

A Tasteful Look At Fruit Decor

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Mon 1 Aug 2022

Fruit is well known to be important in any balanced diet, but what about in interior design? While flowers and other plants have been a bedrock of design for centuries, fruit decor is growing in popularity. Today, we’ll be exploring how you can add a zesty twist to your home’s decor with a basketful of fabulous fruits!

Why add fruit designs to your decor?

Designs featuring fruit are as myriad and as varied as those found in nature. From winter fruits to summer favourites, you can easily add colour and shape – while adding something a little different and special – to your home’s aesthetic. 

In today’s diverse world of interior design, there is a bounty of patterns to consider. There are classic spots, sleek geometric shapes, stripes and many more. While floral prints have been the go-to for many decorators looking to add a touch of nature to their homes, you can have equally great results with fruits. 

This trend in many ways, using fruit in interior design, is part of a broad shift back to respecting nature and celebrating it where possible. From large outdoor greenhouses to small windowsill gardens in apartments, growing things ourselves is back! While many of us can grow carrots and peas, fruits can be a little trickier, so we turn instead to our wall papers and soft furnishings. By doing so, we can reconnect with the natural world and at the same time, add something special and exciting to our homes. 

The best fruits for interior design

At Blinds Direct, we know the power and value of fruit! Not only is it good for your body, when added to your decor it can be good for the soul too. As a result, we’ve included a varied selection of fabulous fruit designs to our range – these are our top three!

Camengo Creole Or Roman Blind

Native to South America, pineapples were for a long time synonymous with wealth and prestige. During the 16th and 17th Centuries, Pineapples were worth thousands of pounds and often any single pineapple would be paraded in the community until it eventually went rotten – they were literally too expensive to eat! Pineapples remain an exciting fruit in the public eye and adding a vintage inspired blind such as a Camengo Creole Or Roman Blind will bring a classical richness to your space. 

Seville Orange Roman Blind

There are over 600 varieties of oranges, the largest citrus fruit in the world. In the renaissance oranges were seen as symbols of physical and spiritual health and in many ways, they still maintain that visual power. As part of a room’s design, oranges are a great way of bringing pops of shape and colour to a space which helps draw the eye to the window display. Featuring vibrant oranges and striking green leaves, these Seville Orange Roman Blinds are perfect for a range of rooms, especially those facing the garden. 

Orla Kiely Scribble Pear Multi Roman Blind

Not all items for a fruit decor have to be traditionally inspired – they can be more modern and fun! Take for example the Orla Kiely Scribble Pear Multi Roman Blind, this pop-art inspired blind introduces 1960s style colours and shapes to a space while also paying homage to healthy pears. This blind is fun and exciting making it the perfect addition to any living room, or even jazzy bedrooms. In China, pears represent grace and nobility. Why wouldn’t you want to capture those themes in your space?

Enjoy the colours of fruit

If for whatever reason fruit designs aren’t for you, you still have options. As the use of vibrant colours becomes more popular in stylish homes around the world, the eye-catching colours of fruit which are evolutionarily striking to our eyes will help you elevate your decor. 

Lemon yellow and lime green

As we’ve mentioned already, orange is a spectacular colour to use in your interior design, but there are other fruity shades that will really make your space pop – especially when used as a support colour in a bright space. Lemon yellow and lime green are perfect examples of such colours. Energetic and exciting, these citrus colours work excellently as cushions, lamp shades and even roller blinds! If you don’t want to use block colours, you can use them as spot colours within nice patterns too. 


One colour which is coming to the fore that’s particularly exciting is papaya! While green and yellow on the outside, papaya colour comes from the sweet interior and it’s a soft yet warming orange shade. Like the fruit itself, match papaya with vibrant shades of green to make a maximalist statement, or for something softer, with cream shades.

Simply put, fruit is fabulous – especially as part of your diet, but also in the world of interior design. Find the perfect fruit pattern or colour for your home with Blinds Direct, and to make sure you love the fabric, you can order up to eight free samples before you buy!

Shop some of our products perfect for fruit decor:

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