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Trend Focus: Fabulous Floral Interior Design

Trend Focus: Fabulous Floral Interior Design

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Tue 16 Mar 2021
Last updated Fri 2 Dec 2022

The end of a pretty miserable winter is fast approaching, bringing with it the freshness of spring and the rebirth of nature. With that, now is the time to add a sprinkle of spring into your home décor. Here’s some top tips to freshen up your home with using the floral trend in interior design.

Florals? For Spring? Ground-breaking …

Well Meryl, that may be your position but it’s certainly not ours. For countless decades, we’ve loved to mark important parts of the year with plants in the home.

The Christmas tree, for example, started off as an attempt by Vikings to cradle and nurture the bounty of nature through the winter. Anemones (a flower similar to poppies) were used by devotees of Aphrodite in ancient Greece as they believed she created them to honour her fallen lover Adonis, and Ancient Egyptians celebrated the Lotus flower as a symbol of rebirth and regeneration.

With that in mind, while the Prada-clad devil may turn her nose up at florals in Spring, we think it’s a great time to honour these traditions and to simply enjoy colour and the energy of nature in your home.

pink chair with with two floral print cushions next to light blue curtain
floral print cushions on wicker chair with yellow wall interior with white curtain and house plants to show example of the floral trend

How to use floral trend in interior design

While floral patterns are a natural choice for this time of year, many flower fans can find it difficult to integrate them into their décor.

Printed floral designs

One of the best – and we think easiest – ways to use florals in your home is to select a beautiful print that matches with your theme whilst celebrating the natural world. Instinctively, you can make a bold statement with a patterned wallpaper but there is also the option to make an equally bold statement with your windows. If you just want a hint of flower power, you could look to floral cushions and bright floral lampshades for inspiration.  

Using floral blinds and curtains

Furthermore, using floral designs will open a wealth of colour opportunities for your home. Whatever tones you’re looking to add to your space, we’ll have just the thing for you with our great selection of floral-inspired blinds and curtains!

Our striking Rainforest Cranberry Curtain for example features a slight amount of green but is mostly a rich red tone. If blue is the colour you’re looking for – we have you covered too. A Cotswold Prussian Roman Blind, for instance, provides a beautiful blue background, supporting florals just as well as the greenest flowery blind you can possibly find.

Colours for Spring

Natural materials in the home

If flowers just aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy a nod to spring in your home with a well-chosen colour palette and material. Natural wood is a big hit this season adding warmth and comfort to your home. The asymmetrical nature of wood grain can make a space more homely and in tune with the often-misshapen natural world.  

Colours that nod to the floral trend

For colours, look to bright, pastel tones to accent your décor. Since they don’t need to be related to nature particularly, consider power blues and even violet for a refreshing touch to your interior design. To add an additional dimension of cool, also consider using muted metallic hues. While richer tones are best of winter, pale metallics will help you meet your spring-inspired objectives.

Natural flowers and plants

Before finishing up, we must of course talk about real world, natural flowers and plants. Plants energise a room, they help us feel peaceful and if you’re of the mindset of HRH the Prince of Wales, they provide company too! With countless species of plant currently in bloom, nothing could celebrate spring more than some beautiful flowers or succulents in the home.

photo of chair with a floral print next to a green bricked wall and wooden table

Finding our fabulous florals and cool spring colours couldn’t be easier. Simply use the filter system on the Blinds Direct website to narrow your search and enjoy browsing our extensive tributes to nature!

Shop our fabulous floral products:

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