Living Coral: Everything You Need To Know About Colour Of The Year 2019

Living Coral: Everything You Need To Know About Colour Of The Year 2019

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Tue 22 Jan 2019

A lively, earthy tone that offers comfort and nourishment in our ever busy digital environment; this is Living Coral, Pantone’s long-awaited Color the Year 2019.

Living Coral, Pantone 16-1546, is an animated coral hue with golden undertones that bring energy and warmth. It is vibrant yet chilled out, optimistic but reflective, nodding towards both the tropical island getaways that we dream of and the threatened coral reefs that lay beneath the surface.

Living Coral sea, coral and swatch Pantone.

About Living Coral

Living Coral is an earthy tone of pinkish orange. Reminiscent of the recent terracotta trend, Living Coral is warm and natural, but with a punchy edge that makes it all the more effervescent.

From the Greek ‘daughter of the sea’, its namesake is the species that occupies our oceans, huddled together in colourful colonies, providing shelter for tropical creatures. It’s difficult to think that these beautiful structures, and the species that live amongst them, are so quickly deteriorating. Pantone’s selection for Color the Year 2019 helps bring this increasing environmental issue into the spotlight, reminding us of the form and function of these reefs.

Living Coral captivates our attention and inspires our imaginations. It is a playful colour, but whilst it retains an adolescence, it is nurturing and loving. It is also deeply thoughtful and relevant in today’s social and environmental climates.


How to style Living Coral

When used simply, Living Coral is comfortable and positive. When worked into different patterns and textures, it becomes more explorative and exciting. Living Coral is a genderless and versatile contrast colour, working well alongside a number of other shades. This flexible shade will embolden any look with its playfulness and tactility.

Living Coral can be embraced on a large scale, such as painting a whole room. But at the same time, it is a quirky accent colour that can be introduced through soft furnishings, lampshades and artwork. No matter how you choose to style Living Coral, it is a colour that we all love, and one that we will all happily live with.

Use as a focal point amongst cool and composed colour groupings, such as sage, olive and grey. Alternatively, team Living Coral with other tropical island shades, like teal and yellow. Channel this boldness with complementary hues of pink and orange, creating a space that dazzles like a sunset. Or take a more neutral and sophisticated approach, incorporating Living Coral amongst other nude tones.

Pantone highlights the versatility of Living Coral in the following colour palette explorations. Which is your favourite?


Living Coral fabrics at Blinds Direct

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