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Colour Focus: Colours To Go With Grey

Colour Focus: Colours To Go With Grey

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 19 Feb 2021
Last updated Mon 7 Mar 2022

As regular readers of our Blinds Direct blog will know, we love grey. But have you ever struggled selecting colours to go with grey? If you have, today’s blog is just for you! In the past, grey may have been a synonym for boring and dour but today we celebrate this versatile colour as a great foundation for almost any trendy décor. Want to get the most out of your colour palate? Use grey as either a supporting or dominant colour and you watch your whole space come to life.

Grey, the great unifier

As readers of our recent Grey Is the New Grey blog will know, grey is one of the most adaptable colours in your arsenal. There is a shade of grey that will pair well with practically any colour, especially when it’s the leading colour in a designed space. Below we’ve included some glittering examples of the shades that pair with this colour champion.

Whether you love vibrant pinks, cool corals or homely greens, this guide will help you mix just the right tone into your cool grey space. Below are our favourite colours to go with grey.

image of light grey cushions with white curtains to show colours to go with grey

Grey and White

Crisp, pristine white and a cool mid tone grey is as elegant a duet as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. This stunning combination teams well with another popular choice that’s taking the design world by storm – blonde woods. Grey and white helps us feel relaxed and peaceful – it’s a great choice for any relaxation room.

Feel free to enhance the space with a small, well-calculated pop of earthy natural tones to achieve a scandi or nomad effect.

Grey and Yellow

If you’re seeking a colour that energises and boosts happiness, look no further than yellow. Yellow and grey go together extremely well, especially juicy yellows and mid to light tone greys. These colours are so great they were even named joint Pantone Colours of The Year 2021.

For the best results, look to incorporate grey and yellow into patterns that include white too. Anything from spots to stripes will always look fun and energetic!

photo of bright yellow curtains in dining room with two chairs and grey cushions
living room with grey roman blinds and a pick sofa with cushions and flowers

Grey and Pink

If you’ve taken a popular plunge and made great use of medium tones of grey, with a slight bias to the lighter side of the spectrum, then pink will act a great spot colour. One of the benefits of using pink with grey is that you can use different pinks, from dusky tones to fruity hues at leisure.

Pink is an extremely cosy colour. Unlike other warming tones, its bright and lively making it perfect the whole year round.

Grey and Coral (with a minty twist)

Following nicely from pink, coral is an excellent tone that coordinates beautifully with differing shades of grey. The only grey shades to steer clear of are extremely light or dark tones. The almost white and black hues are a little too extreme for this colour but anything in between is great! The result is a warm space that’s modern, characterful and stylish.

For an extra twist, use mint as a tertiary supporting colour to add a lovely pop to your space – you won’t regret it!

image of coral patterned curtains in kitchen to show colours to go with grey
teal velvet cushions on green sofa

Grey and Teal

Designers looking to create a refreshing and calming theme should certainly consider adding teal to their grey spaces. Sitting happily between green and blue, teal is an extremely stylish choice. Where the grey is dark, use brighter, more vibrant shades of teal and likewise if your grey is pale, look to darker, richer hues. Also consider luxurious fabrics with teal, thick wools and velvets are perfect choices.

The result will help you calm and relax after a busy day and make the most of your down time.

Charcoal and Sage / Eucalyptus

Natural green tones help us to unwind and feel at peace with the world. Sage and eucalyptus and no exceptions! These colours integrate well with lighter, natural tones of grey. Keeping the natural theme throughout your space will sooth the mind and help you revitalize. Be sure to add some natural greenery into this space too! Flowers and succulents will flourish in this nature-inspired duet.

As a result of its regenerative aura, consider this combination in a bedroom or your living room.

image of charcoal wall with sage green sofa to show options for colours to go with grey
dark blue wall with light grey curtains in dining room with candles and 4 brown chairs

Grey and Dark Blue

Blue and grey can be quite closely related. This offers you the choice to use certain blues or greys either equally throughout the space, or as contrasting pops – it’s all a question of tone.

Dark blue is an increasingly popular colour and there are few colours that support it as well as grey. If you partner dark blue with natural, pale dusky greys you’ll produce and ambience that’s modern, sophisticated and will help you enjoy your home to the max.

At Blinds Direct, we have a fantastic selection of products available via our website. With more greys and other colours than you can shake a stick at, we’ll have the perfect colour combinations to help you achieve your dream home.

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