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Totally Teal

Totally Teal

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Mon 10 Sep 2018
Last updated Mon 6 Jun 2022

Teal is truly timeless and set to peak as one of the biggest shades of the season. Lending itself to a range of different interior themes, including Art Deco glamour, modern minimalism and nautical chic, teal remains a firm favourite in the interior design world.

A rich and luxurious shade, teal is the perfect balance of blue and green, two of the most universally loved colours. So how can you bring this brilliant blue-green hue into your home? Keep on reading to find out more…

photo of teal coloured wall with house plant in front of it

About the colour teal

Teal is a deep and peaceful combination of green and blue, named after the bird with a distinctive stripe on its head. Its lighter variations take a measured dose of white, while grey is added for a darker, desaturated hue. Brighter shades of teal contain more yellow, which creates a tone not dissimilar to turquoise or aqua. Meanwhile, deeper shades of teal are comparable to slate, petroleum or beetle shells.

Teal is a cosy colour that offers a fresh feeling combined with warmth and comfort. It is inspirational and versatile, bringing moody sophistication along with calmness. A tranquil blue base is uplifted by energetic yellow tones, inspiring creativity, clarity and concentration. Though strong, teal remains light-hearted and excitable.

How to use teal in the home

Teal is a popular member of the inky palette family, alongside the likes of navy blue, chocolate and emerald green. It is a versatile colour that tones beautifully with a number of other shades. This includes the ever-popular fresh white, as well as the current trends of spicy mustard and peachy-pink. Teal can also be cooled down with silver and grey, pared back with misty tones of dusky fig and chalky blue, or warmed up with earthy shades, such as terracotta, sand and sage green.

When it comes to materials and textures, teal works well alongside stone effects, particularly marble and granite. In terms of woodgrains, teal and teak are a match made in heaven, channelling a gorgeous mid-century modern style. As with many darker colours, a matte finish often works best, though high shine teal can be an impactful choice, creating a slick, inky design feature.

Velvet is perhaps an obvious choice for teal upholstery or soft furnishings, but nonetheless effective and luxurious. For a more understated look, consider cotton blends or light knits that feature teal along with other complementary tones. Teal is also a great choice for a feature wall, whether you choose a paint finish, statement wallpaper or an arrangement of prints to create a gallery.

Teal interiors inspiration

geometric printed wallpaper with teal coloured cushion next to it photo of outdoors steps with teal and yellow cushions resting on top image of floral printed sofa with pink table next to it

Teal window furnishings

We’ve handpicked a selection of teal-inspired fabrics, as demonstrated by this stylish assortment of Roman blinds. Our product picks include several stunning shades of teal in both plain and patterned designs. Click the images to shop or view our full collection here.

product image of teal roman blind   product photo of lava teal printed roman blind for saleproduct image of silver and teal roman blind   photo of black roman blind with teal floral print

Make the most of your windows and the rest of your space with high quality, made to measure blinds and curtains from Blinds Direct. Along with these gorgeous teal designs, we offer a wide range of other colours, patterns and styles. Shop the site today or get in touch with our friendly team for more information.

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