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Trend Focus: 1920s Collection

Trend Focus: 1920s Collection

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Tue 18 Jul 2017
Last updated Wed 18 Aug 2021

“Welcome 1920s Hollywood into your home with lavish textures and metallic accents.”

1920s interior design is instantly recognisable. This stylish trend encapsulates the characteristics of the era – the fun and frolics of its party scene, the glittering city skylines, the magic of Hollywood and the beauty of its icons. Here at Blinds Direct, we’re delighted to share our latest collection of window dressings and home accessories, each of which oozes the charm and elegance of an iconic decade.

image of 1920s themed bedroom

The 1920s Trend

The 20s was an era of contradictions. Of parties and prohibition, of women’s rights and racial tensions, of excessive indulgence and economic depression. Jazz music and motion pictures were all the rage, whilst the Futurism movement brought speed, technology and youth to the forefront. The interior design style of the period focused heavily around Art Deco: metallics, velvets and vibrant colours, with plenty of glitz and glam thrown in for good measure.

Art Deco originated in Europe at the end of WW1, and infiltrated the globe throughout the 1920s. It was the epitome of luxury; colours were rich, textures were sumptuous, details were lavish, and everything was scaled up. A modern minimalist approach kept the backdrop clean, allowing opulence to be embraced through soft furnishings, mirrors and other ornamentation. Edgings featured gold leaf coving, while floors boasted glossy tiles.

Homes were designed to be cosy, complete with ample storage solutions to contain people’s ever-growing collection of possessions. Bookshelves would be built into the walls, for example. Though ornate in detail, spaces displayed a more simplified look than before. Walls were painted in lighter shades, and often covered with subtly patterned wallpaper. Colonial Ivory became widely used, a warmer tone of white that often enjoyed a glossy finish. The colour palette remained grounded through monochrome shades, with pops of dusty pink and pastel blue lifting certain aspects to the forefront. In terms of materials, glass and chrome were heavily favoured, along with super sleek polished wood.

Get The Lookimage of hallway with 1920s interior

1920s interior design prints can be incorporated in a number of ways, from selected pieces of furniture and flooring, to window dressings, mirrors and much more. The trend encourages a sense of luxury through your decor, where surfaces sheen and fabrics shimmer.

Incorporate bold shaped mirrors or mirrored furniture to bounce light and create a larger-looking space. Choose rich, textured fabrics in a range of muted pastels, bold jewel tones and simplistic blacks and whites. Metal curtain poles will enhance the look of your luxe curtains, whilst heavy statement cushions will pull the scheme together. Shape is important, so be mindful of the lines and curves created by your furniture and fabrics.

Remember, you can accessorise your living space with a single painting, statue or ornament, and maintain simplicity throughout the rest of the space, if that’s the style you prefer. You could also introduce small glassware, new knobs for furniture and chrome light switches, all of which bring a sense of 1920s style without overpowering the room.

Discover our collection of 1920s blinds, curtains and curtain poles, a gorgeous assortment of silks, velvets and metals in stylish shades. Our interior designers have carefully curated this range of sumptuous textures in deep and dramatic tones, offering art deco glam with a modern twist…

Our 1920s Collection

product image of 1920s styles curtain

image of copper roman blind for sale    product of charcoal printed curtain with 1920s theme

image of brass curtain pole  product image moleskin roman blind  product image of antique brass crystal curtain pole

product image of opal roman blind                photo of bronze curtain for sale                image of grey roman blind

Are you looking for more 1920s interior design inspiration? Be sure to explore our full range of window blinds and home accessories by clicking here.  You can also take advantage of our FREE Interior Design Service by contacting our Interior Design Specialists directly: [email protected] or 01924 848739  (8:30-4:30 MON-FRI)

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