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Trend Focus: What Is Cottagecore Interior Design?

Trend Focus: What Is Cottagecore Interior Design?

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Tue 5 Jan 2021
Last updated Tue 21 Jun 2022

As eagle-eyed readers may have already seen in our Interior Design Trends 2021 blog, Cottagecore is a trend sweeping the world of interior design. An amalgamation of muted neutral colours, intentional clutter and a twist of nostalgia, Cottagecore has been a hit on social media that’s rapidly filtering into homes both near and far.

Where did Cottagecore interior come from?

Before we delve in to the nitty gritty of Cottagecore it’s important to understand its heritage and where it came from. Cottagecore isn’t an island in of itself – it’s part of a wider trend. This trend includes the likes of increased use of florals, finely decorating your homemade ciabatta and taking up embroidery in your free time.

In a world dominated by screens, instant food and online dating, a movement is developing that places importance in the home made over mass produced, hardback books over smart tablets and slow food over fast. An offshoot of this phenomenon is Cottagecore interior design.

The philosophy underpinning this school of design is a romanticised vision of countryside style for those usually found living in the urban communities. Born out of the 2020 misery of coronavirus lockdowns sparked by the demands of 21st century living, Cottagecore brings us back to a simpler, more comfortable time.

cottagecore conservatory interior design layout

How to get the Cottagecore look in my home?

There are three key components to integrating Cottagecore into your home. The first is colour selection.

Neutral and muted colours should be the foundation of Cottagecore-inspired spaces. Navy blues and dusky pinks accentuating eucalyptus greens and slate greys are great starting positions.

Colours and patterns for Cottagecore interiors

Such colours don’t need to be placed in blocks however, consider incorporating these tones through patterned items, from patterned curtains to cushions, to really nail the look you’re aiming for. The patterns that best enhance Cottagecore relate to nature. Florals from vintage flower prints to traditional woodland vistas are in order – more angular shapes such as geometric and gem designs are less suitable.

More, more, more…for Cottagecore

Minimalism is out and maximalist interiors are in – carefully considered clutter is our second essential thread in this trend. We’re not advocating a hoard mentality or things being plain chaotic, the clutter we showcase should be thought out. Take a kitchen for example, instead of having your items tucked away in cupboards, have them placed on shelves in a relatively hodge-podge fashion. Picture beautiful identical soup bowls stacked wonkily atop a short pile of matching plates, flanked by a glass water jug and potted succulent. This can be replicated in your living space with a smattering of cushions and lamps enhanced with beautiful lampshades.

Use natural materials

As a theme that harks back to a pre-plastic era, its unsurprising that natural materials also feature heavily in Cottagecore. As a result, consider using woods throughout the home from work surfaces and chairs to wooden blinds and cabinets. Likewise, consider using wools and linens to achieve variety of material which harmonise well through their shared natural origins.

Before wrapping up, it’s important to remind you that Cottagecore is about making your space your own. The points above will provide a foundation for such an aesthetic but don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch. If you’ve been growing plants in your garden, bring some small items indoors; likewise if you’re a budding painter or embroider, have your work nicely framed and get it on the walls – if you think it’s cool, that’s all you need!

Tips to easily add the Cottagecore look to your interior

Our talented team of inhouse designers at Sonova Studio has created a range of Cottagecore-inspired products that are unique to Blinds Direct, and perfect for enjoying this exciting trend. This fashionable collection is full of quality products that resonate beautifully with the Cottagecore aesthetic. From delicate, traditional florals, to juicy coloured fruits set against a gingham check, you’ll find the perfect addition to your home below.  

How to make a Cottagecore bedroom or living room

The principal behind Cottagecore is to reconnect with simpler times and help the mind unwind. This way of thinking makes Cottagecore the perfect décor choice for both bedrooms and living rooms! So how do we make a Cottagecore bedroom or living room? 

As we’ve said above, soft furnishings are one of the simplest ways to add Cottagecore to a space. Patterned curtains are an excellent starting place, especially when you partner them with an equally beautiful Roman blind. This combination will create a feeling of depth and comfort which will help you chill out and feel safe. To ensure your space doesn’t look too busy, consider one of the window furnishings without pattern, but in a beautiful colour which is also featured in the other. 

For example, a patterned curtain featuring creams and pinks would look even more elegant with a dusky pink Roman blind in the window’s recess.  The same goes for greens, blues, and greys where you can play with scale and tone but in a colour palette that is coordinated and elegant. 

In both bedrooms and living rooms you can also make great use of cushions. Since many sofas and chairs tend to be plain colours, you can find exciting, patterned cushions to elevate your decor. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can find matching cushions for all Roman blinds and curtains on the Blinds Direct website. 

To make your selections even easier, we’ve created a dedicated Cottagecore collection which you can enjoy. All our items are made to you’re exact specifications by our team of craftspeople here at Blinds Direct based in Yorkshire.

Shop our products perfect for Cottagecore interior design :

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