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Be Bold As Brass – A Guide To Metallic Fabrics

Be Bold As Brass – A Guide To Metallic Fabrics

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Thu 4 Mar 2021
Last updated Fri 2 Dec 2022

At Blinds Direct we’re all about creating products that boost the stylishness of your home. On our blog we’ve covered trends, colours and materials but today we’re looking at something a little different. It’s a finish that can boost a huge array of colours and textures, it is of course metallic fabrics!

What are metallic fabrics?

Ever since our species first stepped foot out of its caves it’s loved anything that sparkles. Gold, diamonds and a whole host of other magical materials have inspired cultures and peoples around the world, and throughout history.

Where the wildly wealthy could afford gold leaf – with some Italians even putting it on their risotto – most of us have had to look for better, more affordable ways to introduce sparkle and excitement into our homes.

Whether you choose a classic metallic tone such as rich gold, stylish silver or vibrant copper – or a metallic tone in a different colour like emerald green – you’ll be sure to make a memorable statement in your home.

The root of metallic tones’ popularity is their ability to interact beautifully with light. This is particularly important in the autumn and winter months as the lack of external light means we turn to lamps and indoor lights to illuminate our space.

Speaking of lamps, many of the lamp shades we hand craft here in Yorkshire feature the option of not only a metallic finish to the fabric, but you can also have a metallic interior too! The Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver and Brushed Copper linings available diffuse the light and amplify the ambience of your room. Learn more in our blog about Metallic Lamp Shades.

an image of two grey metallic cushions on table next to shiny curtains

How to make the most of metallic fabrics

Materials with a metallic finish work well in a great range of design trends and decors. Metallics will easily and effectively pay homage to the glitz and glamour of the 1920s. Likewise, if you want to add a modern twist to a Scandi design or Cottagecore interior, a metallic window dressing in a magnificent neutral colour will do just the job.

The trick with using these delightful fabrics is to use them considerately and sparingly. Overuse can tip a space into the world of the kitsch and tacky – the right use however will add a regal twist that delights and inspires.

Therefore, it is our recommendation that metallics be used in one large sweeping statement item, or in smaller items strategically placed throughout your space.

Metallics work equally well with flat and wavy window dressing alike. Whether you want a luxurious, heavy curtain or a contemporary, stylish Roman or roller blind, a touch of sparkle won’t go a miss. To make the most of the shimmer, invest in some lovely lamps to help illuminate your chosen window dressing and bring the shine to life.

If you’d rather spread metallics round your space, cushions and lamp shades are great items to have in a metallic tone. For the best results, look to keep them in similar levels of vibrancy. A deep red cushion with an electric silver lamp shade may jar a little. Crimson with navy blue in a shared environment however will partner well with each adding their own flair without detracting from the other.

We absolutely love metallic fabrics and have our own metallic fabrics collection! If you want to check which is the best choice for you, you can order up to eight free samples and see them in the flesh before you buy.  All our items – metallic or not – are made to measure, by hand right here in the heart of Yorkshire.

Shop our metallic products:

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