More Is More – An Introduction To Maximalist Interior Design

More Is More – An Introduction To Maximalist Interior Design

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 30 Apr 2021

What is Maximalist interior design?

A couple of weeks ago we explored the ins and outs of minimalistic interior design. We investigated slim silhouettes and limited use of tame colours. Today, we’re turning everything on its head and examining the exciting world of excess and colour in maximalist interior design.

Where minimalism focuses on restraint and limited use of colour, maximalism focuses on colour, vibrancy and pattern in a bold and joyful way. Let’s check it out…

maximalist interior design example image with pink and white stripped sofa and patterned curtains

Colours for Maximalist Décor

Before we delve into the calculated cluttering that makes maximalist design the delightful trend it has become, we must first understand the benefits of colour.

When we look at the more established minimalist design, colours are muted, subdued and rather uniform. Pattern doesn’t feature heavily in minimalism either. With maximalist décor however, nothing could be further from the truth.

Take time to look at vibrant and exciting colours that partner well. This is particularly important as we want the end effect to look coordinated in its chaos and not like a toddler’s thrown random paints at a wall.

Colours can pop together or even clash in a cool and dramatic way. Dark wall colours can be a great starting point, especially when you use vibrant colours as accents.

You can also use colours in your window furnishing to amp up the style of your space. Using different tones in a patterned curtain for example will provide you with energising tones mixed with attractive shape and form.

Our series of Colour Focus blogs has loads of useful hints and tips for using colour well.

If you’re unsure as to which tones enhance one another, you can always order eight free samples to see them in the flesh.

photo of floral curtains and feature wall with green sofa a pink cushion in a maximalist design

Mix it up

Maximalism is all about love and there are plenty of items we’ve all accrued over the years that we simply adore. These items can vary in age, style or colour but maximalism doesn’t care about such restrictive things. The philosophy behind today’s subject is that it allows you to use all the colours, fabrics and accessories you love.

To create a unifying thread throughout your décor, select a few colours, materials and patterns to repeat throughout the space.

Make sure you also find comfort in all the items you use in your room. Rooms aren’t for looking at, they’re for living in so get some comfy cushions and consider a thermal lined blind to make your home cosy and welcoming.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to challenge orthodoxies. Mixing items whose design heritages vary in location and age is sometimes frowned upon but with maximalism in mind, it’s full steam ahead. Successfully combing items, you might associate with classical French design with modern nomad pieces can be achieved via shared colour palettes or natural materials.

The trick is to view each item as a layer contributing to the overall effect. You can use the principle of layering more directly with throws, rugs and even on your windows. Layered window dressings is a great way to compound the benefits of different furnishings while adding a suave component to your design.

A great example of such layering is the use of a striking wooden blind that retains its natural colour set inside the window recess. Outside the recess, look to fit a lovely curtain in a vibrantly coloured fabric with swirling patterns such as a floral, animal themed, or plaid check. If you’re looking to retain privacy but enjoy some natural light you can sweep the curtains aside and angle the wooden slats to your liking. Alternatively, if it’s movie time, shut the blind and the curtains and relax.

Never surrender

Unlike other schools of interior design, a maximalist space is never truly ‘done’. As the years go on and you find new and exciting furniture, ornaments, and accessories, you can continue to add to your design.

To avoid over doing your maximalist design, you can always substitute items and move things around your home or put older items into storage. Remember though, the objective is to create a space that is homely and filled with lovely pieces, not to look like a hoarder of fine things.

If you’re keen to explore more about this trend and the options at your disposal, we’ve created a helpful Maximal Impact collection that’s filled with some of our absolute favourites!

maximalist designed cushions and sofa layout

At Blinds Direct we offer a range of exciting items that are inspired by countless themes and trends. To help you find the perfect addition to your home, we’ve created useful filters designed to help you find the design, style or colour you’re looking for. If you get stuck, you can always contact our friendly team directly.

Shop our products perfect for Maximalist design:

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