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Looking To The Future (kind of): 20s Glam

Looking To The Future (kind of): 20s Glam

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Tue 24 Nov 2020
Last updated Wed 29 Sep 2021

20s glam

Contrasting wildly with the same year this century, the twentieth year of the 1900s gave birth to a decade of glitz, glamour, colour and cloche hats. Shaking off the legacy of Victorian dourness and the darkness of the First World War, the 1920s created a trend that’s survived for 100 years.

This was the decade in which Coco Chanel, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charlie Chaplin and Josephine Baker – not forgetting Albert Einstein and others – began making their marks on society. Yes, there may have been some baddies like Al Capone but there are few decades, perhaps the 1960s, that we see in such a creative light.

While the cocoon fur coats and fringe shawls may have passed from the everyday to special events, the 1920s continues to be a popular starting point for many home décors.

While you may not think it, there are actually two epochs to pick from that link directly to the 20s. They are…

The original 1920s

The easiest way to channel the energy of the 20s is to start exactly there. The moment it’s mentioned, many imagine sparkle and the shimmering movement synonymous with flappers and the like. This can be replicated easily in the home – to do so we need items that interact with light in a nonuniform way.

Velvet is a great example of this. Coupled with a bold colour like teal or emerald, the material will reflect light creating shimmer within the home.

Likewise, the inclusion of metallics in cushions or blinds, for example, will achieve our oomph objective and bring some 1920s glamour into the 21st century.

20s glam style interior with pattern curtains


Patterns will also help you achieve a 20s elegance. Geometric patterns are a great starting point as they are stylish either independently, or as part of a wider 1920s-themed space. The perfect place to introduce such designs are in curtains, roman blinds and lampshades.

Additionally, don’t forget about the shell shapes synonymous with the decade. They sit equally nicely when decorating a window or muting the light from a beautiful lamp.

Beyond the colours listed earlier, other considerations should include deep dark reds and navy blues. You could even take one step further into the abstract with plumb or earthier tones like coral or brick.

glam 20s style bedroom interior

The 20s, 50 years on

While it may seem strange, many of the trends developed in the 1970s have their roots in the 20s.

As a result, most of the tips and tricks mentioned above will still work. The main difference here are the shapes found in the patterns. Where an orthodox 20s style showcases angles and straight edges, for a the 70s’ reimaging of the decade these should be full of rounded shapes including circles and ovals.

Furthermore, by slightly adapting the aforementioned bold colours, consider softer tones still in a gorgeous velvet or with a metallic finish.

These style components will work well independently or will harmonize perfectly as part of a more focused 20s style. The options are there for you to mull over and enjoy.

living room interior for 20s glam style

A helping hand hand for 1920s glam

To help you achieve your dream look – be it a nod to the 20s or somewhere Gatsby would feel at home – we’ve created a dedicated collection of products themed around the 1920s. You can find it here.

Enrich your home with high quality, made-to-measure items from Blinds Direct. Select from a choice of styles and finishes, each made to the highest standards at our facility here in Yorkshire.

Want to learn more? Explore our range or get in touch with our friendly team for more information.

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