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Looking To The Future: Nordic Style

Looking To The Future: Nordic Style

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Mon 16 Nov 2020
Last updated Fri 2 Dec 2022

In this first instalment of Looking to the Future we’ll be exploring Nordic style and how you can get ahead of the curve of this upcoming modern, clean and minimalistic trend.

A nod to the Nordics

Before we begin however, a quick item of housekeeping – while in common parlance Nordic and Scandi can be interchangeable, the first thing to be aware of is in design, they are two very different things.

Let’s start with Hygge. Hygge is a term used in both Norway and Denmark and is used to mean cosiness and comfortable conviviality. Just imagine a cold outside contrasted with a warm indoors with snuggly jumpers and long chats with family and friends coupled with hot drinks. It’s this sense of comfort and cocooning that we want to achieve with a domestic Nordic style.

A culture in colour

Colour should be the starting position for any décor planning. To achieve the perfect Nordic feel we need to slightly alter our focus and shift from Denmark and Norway to Iceland. The natural colours found in the Icelandic vistas are exactly where you should start.

Picture the scene, the grey waves lapping against a black volcanic beach, moss-covered hills mirroring the water with crisp snow sat atop it. This is your colour palette.

nordic style interior design living room

The Nordic style

To achieve that real feeling of Nordic calm, focus your efforts on an initially monochrome palette that’s clean and sharp. From that point you can introduce soft natural colours for detail. One such colour is eucalyptus.

While there are richer tones of green in Iceland such as moss, eucalyptus can give a nod to the local foliage while adding a modern feeling to the space. The soft colour will also trigger a memory of the comforting smell of the waxy leaves adding a further sense of calm in your home.

A modern twist

While our suggestions thus far have suggested everything be kept clean and monotone, don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle to your room. Like the stars shining in the increasing longer night skies, some metallic colours with a hint of a shimmer can really enhance the homeliness of your room.

With Christmas and a hopefully brighter new year on the horizon, some glittering, shiny material will help add a festive twist to your Nordic-themed space. What’s Christmas without a little bit of sparkle anyway?

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