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4 window treatments for traditional homes

4 window treatments for traditional homes

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Fri 8 Nov 2019
Last updated Mon 7 Mar 2022

Is your home decorated with traditionalism in mind? Do you love retaining and enhancing historical character? Do you always lean towards the most classic colours and prints?

If you’re the proud owner of a traditional home, with a penchant for this style of interior design, here are the perfect window dressings for you…

Shutters in a traditional beachy living room.


For those that adore charming touches and rustic decor, shutters are the perfect option. Working particularly well in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, shutters are guaranteed to elevate the look and feel of your space. They really do offer a chic and classic design that ties in beautifully with traditionally styled homes.

Light coloured shutters work well in rooms that channel a fresh, beachy feeling or a feminine vibe. They coordinate beautifully with neutral colour palettes, florals and raw textured fabrics, like rattan and wool. Meanwhile, darker shutters in oak and chestnut are better suited to spaces that are richly decorated – think of warm woods, velvets and leather, with touches of greenery for more vibrance.

Functional as well as fashionable, our made to measure shutters provide full control over the light that enters your space. The louvres can be easily angled to filter just the right amount of sunlight, whilst maintaining privacy so you and your family can feel comfortable and secure.

Shutters will also help to create a more energy efficient home. The sturdy materials and craftsmanship reduce the amount of heat lost through windows, keeping you warm and cosy in the winter months. And when it’s hot outside, sunlight will be blocked and absorbed to make your home a cooler place. You can find out even more about the made to measure shutters available from Blinds Direct here.

Dark red curtains for a traditional dining room.


Curtains are perhaps the most classic window dressing. Offering texture, warmth and sumptuous style to your space, curtains play a key part in traditional decor. Best of all, they can be layered with all other window treatments, creating a window display that’s even more deluxe and interesting.

One of the best attributes of curtains is the vast amount of materials you can choose from. From velvet, silk and suede, to wool, cotton and linen blends, it’s easy to discover a curtain fabric that will work best for your room. There is also endless choice when it comes to colours and patterns; depending on the decor of your space, a pair of curtains can be selected that tones in beautifully, or makes a serious window statement. Amp up the style with your choice of pleat style, holdbacks and tiebacks. To bring a modern edge into your traditional space, you could also select a wave heading and surge track, which will create perfectly even pleats.

The right set of curtains will offer a number of practical benefits, including the perfect temperature control, light control and privacy for you. For example, thick, heavy materials like chenilles and velvets will keep things warm and cosy, whilst sheer fabrics and voiles will create a cooler space that still retains a level of privacy.

For optimum energy efficiency, curtains should be lined with thermal lining. You can also choose blackout lining, which will block out all sunlight and help you to sleep better.

A light wooden blind for a traditional bedroom.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are an incredibly popular product, and certainly one of the best options for dressing the windows in a classically styled space. Available in both real wood and faux wood styles, this window treatment can be selected to meet your style needs and functional requirements, as well as your budget.

Our wooden and faux wooden blinds are available in a range of colours and finishes, so you can select the right blind for your space. From light tones of white and cream, through the mid shades of grey and oak, all the way to darker styles, such as walnut and chocolate, you’re sure to find the ideal wooden blind to complete your room.

There are very few rooms in your traditional home that won’t benefit from a wooden blind. Even those areas that experience high humidity, such as bathrooms and utility rooms, can be installed with a faux wooden option, channelling classic window style while standing up against moisture.

The classic design of wooden blinds offers a number of benefits. Made up of a series of horizontal wood slats, which are linked together with a pulley cord system, wooden blinds can be fully raised so that the slats gather together at the top, or lowered and rotated to block out all sunlight and views from outside. The thick, sturdy nature of both real wood and uPVC also means that each blind slat will prevent shadows and outlines, providing ultimate privacy.

The durability of wooden blinds should also be noted. While the material is relatively lightweight, they are very hardwearing and are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Elegant Roman blind for a traditionally designed living room.

Roman Blinds

For the ultimate in style and sophistication, choose a Roman blind to dress your windows and complete the look of your traditionally decorated room.

Roman blinds are an ideal choice for every window in your home. This high-quality window treatment is a compact alternative to curtains, offering light control, privacy and energy efficiency, along with bags of style and elegance.

As with curtains, there are seemingly limitless design options for Roman blinds, so it’s easy for you to select a fabric, colour and print that will coordinate with your space. We offer a huge range of fabrics in every colour – from the crispest shade of white, to delicate blues and greens, to the richest ruby reds and darkest charcoals.

And when it comes to prints, choose from stripes, dots, geometrics and florals, or a simple plain design where the texture and tone does all the talking.

In terms of materials, light options like silk and faux silk will create smooth, shining folds, toning well with a more glamorous interior style. Meanwhile, medium-weight materials like cotton and linen will create crisp folds that always look neat and tidy. These fabrics are also available in a wider choice of colours and patterns, so it’s easier to find a blind that suits you. Finally, heavy fabrics like wool, velvet and suede create a more full and classical look, ideal for spaces in the home where you’d like to create more drama, such as a dining room.

Bring the classical elegance of these window treatments into your traditional home with Blinds Direct. You can also choose from a range of lamp shades, cushions and curtain poles to complete the look. Got a question? Get in touch with our team – we’re always happy to help.

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