Thermal Curtains

image to show example of how different coloured thermal curtains can be used in one room

What are thermal curtains?

photo of grey sofa infront of two large windows with geometric patterned grey thermal curtains attached

Thermal curtain linings - enjoy function and fashion

image to show example of how to use a thermal curtain as a room divider
image of green themed room with a textured chair infront of a green thermal curtain

Where To Fit Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains deliver benefits for a range of rooms, making your living spaces both cosy and stylish. Plus, whilst curtains are well known for dressing windows, you can use them equally well with doors. Since a lot of heat also escapes from doors, using curtains to dress them will also help to keep homes warmer.

room set image to show how to use voile curtains and thermal curtains together

Thermal curtains for patio doors

room set image to show example of thermal living room curtains

Thermal curtains for living rooms

an image to show example of thermal curtains for bedrooms

Thermal curtains for bedrooms

close up image of cushions on a sofa to show the best type of accessories to go with thermal curtains

The best accessories for thermal curtains

Image of green chair next to open patio door with colourful thermal blinds fitted

Made to measure thermal curtains

Faqs for thermal curtains
Are thermal curtains blackout?
What do thermal curtains do?

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