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An Introduction To Motorised Blinds

An Introduction To Motorised Blinds

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Thu 19 Aug 2021
Last updated Thu 30 Jun 2022

It’s a fair assumption to think most people know how a roller blind is operated. We’re all very familiar with the plastic chords and how pulling one side will either raise or lower the blind. That said, a motorised roller blind may sound a little sci-fi but these amazing blinds exist – in fact every roller, and day & night blind that we handcraft here in Yorkshire can be motorised!

What is a motorised blind?

A motorised blind is a fresh and exciting innovation that offers both luxury and convenience for less than you might expect.

With a motorised blind, you can alter your blind without having to get up and lean over any ornaments you may have on your window sills, you can instead watch your blind effortlessly glide up or down with just a touch of a button.

Despite representing a substantial technological step forward in the world of window furnishings, motorised blinds are very quick and straightforward to fit and setup. You can even fit them yourself without the need of an electrician.

Check out our roller blinds video to the right which includes some great information about motorised blinds.

What are the benefits of motorised blinds?

Firstly, let’s cover safety. A bonus for family homes provided by a motorised blind is that they are completely child safe. Since there is no need for cords of any kind, you can rest assured that the potential for harm is reduced to an absolute minimum.

On a broader level, you need never rise from your chair again to open or close your blinds thanks to the easy-to-use wireless controller, and the mechanical parts of the blind. Motorised blinds let you find the perfect balance of light and you can set exactly how much daylight enters your home. Moreover, you can enjoy greater levels of security with a motorised blind. 

Motorised blinds from Blinds Direct can be controlled via your smartphone – with free apps available for iOS and Android – Alexa, Dot and Echo via the Louvolite Home Hub. The flexibility enables you to open or close your blinds while away from home – at work or on holiday.

How the app works

Using the app, you can schedule times for your blinds to open and close. This offers a range of benefits including on a morning to help you wake up with natural light, and for when you’re away from home for a prolonged period. For example, when you leave for your holidays, you can set the times at which your blinds will open and close to give the illusion that that home is still occupied. This will add improved security to your home and give you peace of mind while away.

The Louvolite Home Hub connects via WiFi and provides control of up to 15 blinds per room making it a fantastic option for homes and workplaces alike! 

The easy-to-use smartphone app will allow you to view the rooms in your home and control the blinds, individually, by room or all together. The stylish hub will discreetly sit anywhere in the home or could even be fixed to the wall.

an explainer image to show how the remote for a motorised blind works
an explainer photo to show how to use the app for a motorised blind
animated gif to show example of how motorised blind work

Which blinds can be motorised?

Motorisation is available on any roller blind, or Day & Night blind, also known as Zebra blinds, from Blinds Direct up to 150cm x 150cm (2.25m²) and is powered by the Louvolite One Touch System. This is then operated by a battery powered remote control, making it easier than ever before to open and close your blinds.

You also don’t need to worry about having one remote per blind. Our motorised blinds provide the ability to configure up to five different blinds on the same remote. By adding your blinds to the Home Hub system you can configure up to 15 blinds per room.

Therefore, whether you’re looking for a bright patterned Day & Night blind for a living room, a dark blackout blind for a bedroom, or children’s roller blinds, you can rest assured that motorisation is an option for you to enjoy.

You can even motorise roof blinds! Taking the hassle away from having to reach up to find the perfect balance of light, motorised roof blinds will help you to enjoy natural light easily and stylishly. Merely select “motorisation” when ordering your new roof blind to easily enjoy privacy and light control with the simple press of a button.

All our motorised blinds are available for an extra cost of just £100, giving you a modern, cutting edge home at a great price.

Every motorised blind from Blinds Direct is made to your exact specifications here at our dedicated manufacturing facility in the heart of Yorkshire. Our talented and experienced team of craftspeople work to the highest standards using only the best materials. Your new motorised blind will be supplied with a five-year guarantee. 

Shop our blinds with a motorised option available:

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