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Colour Focus: Dark Blue

Colour Focus: Dark Blue

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Sun 24 Jan 2021
Last updated Wed 8 Jun 2022

For years, blue has been a popular supporting colour but as we mentioned in our interior design trends of 2021 blog, the dark blue colour is due to take centre stage this year. This now leading colour is sophisticated and pairs well with a wide range of other colours opening a world of choice and opportunity for stylish designers. Let’s take a look at how you can use this amazing colour to achieve your dream home.

How to use the dark blue colour in your home

Inky blues have the power to connect wide open spaces. As result, blues – which were once thought of as cold – can actually make your home feel warm, welcoming and cosy.

In a world where many homes feature open plan spaces, the use of dark blue aesthetic can help maintain a trend throughout the home. In a combined kitchen/living room, dark blue can be used heavily where you rest and as a spot colour where you prepare your meals.

This allows you to enjoy two distinctly different spaces while maintaining a common theme throughout. Unlike other colours, the recurring dark blue is noticeable without being garish or overpowering.

Monochrome revisited

Dark blue with soft colours

There are a few ways in which you can use a dark blue colour as part of your home design. A popular and more conservative use for dark blue is to pair it with soft colours. Neutrals will compare and contrast with dark blue, as will striking pure whites. Essentially, consider using dark blue as a more elegant option in a monochrome space than black.

If the majority of your space is already white or a pale shade – consider a dark blue Roman blind or even a voluminous velvet curtain. Velvet holds its colour beautifully and when that colour is navy, it becomes the epitome of sophistication.

Alternatively, if your space is already dark blue, look toward white or cream window dressings, sofas or hard furniture.

Dark blue colour shades with mustard

If you want to take one step closer towards a more daring décor, navy blue will also pair well with more noticeable colours, especially another rising trend, mustard yellow. The darker the blue, the better – mustard is a charismatic colour and will enhance blue tones including navy and indigo. In return, these blue hues will enrich the yellow adding a subtle depth to the colour.

pattern cushion with orange colour sofa and a dark blue coloured wall

Energising jewels with dark blue

To create a more modern space, you can consider turning the tables and replacing blue velvet with velvet items in a vibrant jewel tone – such as emerald, sapphire, or ruby – to support dark blue walls.

Dark blue feature walls

If the walls of your room aren’t perfectly square – for example you have a built-out area to support a chimney – the contrast between shade and light will create an additional dimension to the style of your space. Dark blue feature walls work especially well in this regard.

Jewel tones and velvet

In a room where dark blue is more prominent, jewel tones will add an extra splash of colour without stealing the show. Contrasting against the walls, velvet chairs and/or cushions will be the perfect supporting act. If, however you’d like the jewel tones on your windows, more angular furnishings will be the wisest option.

For example, just picture a Bordeaux red velvet Roman blind adding that extra layer of sophistication to an already fashionable living room. For the more daring among our readership, consider using velvet in a stunning warming orange tone.

green coloured sofa with cushions in room with dark blue colour feature wall

The dark blue colour feels organic, sophisticated and is certainly a growing trend we’ll enjoy watching. At Blinds Direct we have a great selection of items in this amazing colour from cushions to blinds and everything in between. When looking at all the UK-manufactured items on our website, simply filter by colour and enjoy the results

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