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A Guide To Curtains And Blinds For Bay Windows

A Guide To Curtains And Blinds For Bay Windows

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Thu 20 May 2021
Last updated Mon 21 Aug 2023

Bay windows have always been a popular choice in homes around the world. These windows allow for unparalleled levels of light while adding interesting shape to a space. While beautiful and elegant, many often find the subject of curtains and blinds for bay windows a tricky one. Today however, we’ll demonstrate how you can easily dress and best enjoy your bay windows with five fantastic options.

dark grey kitchen with wooden tables next to bay windows with wooden venetian blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds for bay windows

Wooden Venetian blinds are an excellent choice for bay windows because of the versatility of light control they offer. Roman and roller blinds are essentially open or closed but a Venetian blind provides the possibilities from total light saturation to absolute darkness and any variation between.  

Wooden Venetian blinds are great for both box-bay windows and angled-bay windows alike. For tips and advice take a look at our measuring guide for blinds and select your option for either boxed bay windows or angled bay windows. You can also browse our Wooden Blinds Buyers Guide for more info.

grey roman blinds situated for bay windows next to grey sofa with coloured cushions

Roman blinds on bay windows

Roman blinds are elegant, sophisticated and a pleasure to behold. Like roller blinds, Romans can be used to great effect in a bay window. With the inherent warming nature of a Roman blind, a living space with a bay window would really benefit from such a choice. You can learn more about how to enjoy Roman blinds in a bay windows in the Roman Blind Angled-Bay Measuring Guide.

Unlike roller blinds, Roman blinds are a fantastic option for box bay windows. This is because the material hides the mechanical parts of the blind, so only the beautiful fabric you’ve selected can be seen. Read the Roman Blinds Box-Bay Measuring Guide for more valuable information and check out our Buyers Guide for Roman Blinds.

photo of brown curtains made for bay windows in living room setting with 2 grey sofas

Curtains for bay windows

At this moment, some readers may be thinking, “ah, but I don’t want a curtain outside the window recess because it’ll hide my bay window”.

Well, you don’t have to! Curtains are always a great addition to a space and can look really wonderful when fitted into a characterful bay window. They also offer the potential for a 3D layered effect in the home. Consider partnering your curtain with a roller, Roman or even Venetian blind for a warm, comforting feel.

At Blinds Direct, we have a wonderful range of specialist curtain poles for bay windows. Available in different colours, finishes and materials, we’ll have just the right option to enrich your décor whether its modern, classical or your own creation. You can learn more in our handy Expert Guide: How to Measure for Curtain Poles and for more information you can read our in-depth Buyers Guide for Curtains.

green patterned roller blinds for bay windows in living room setting with green walls and house plants

Roller blinds on bay windows

Roller blinds are well established and popular around the globe. They are known for bringing beauty and function to standard windows however they are equally useful in a bay window. Browse our Roller Blinds Buyers Guide to discover all of the benefits.

When using roller blinds, the best way to view the window is not as a single bay window, rather a series of flat windows, each of which can benefit from its own, dedicated roller blind. For more technical information be sure to check out our Roller Blind Angled-Bay Measuring Guide.

Please note however that in a box bay window, the brackets may cause gaps between the blinds and parts of the windows that won’t be covered. This may not be a significant consideration for living areas but may cause issues in the bedroom.

lime green living room with cream sofa and light green perfect fit blinds for bay windows

Perfect Fit blinds for bay windows

Perfect Fit blinds are an innovative alternative to traditional blinds. A Perfect Fit blind – whether it is a roller, wooden Venetian, or pleated blind – will easily clip into place without the need for power tools or screws.

Additionally, a Perfect Fit blind is easy to measure for and fit. When measuring for a new blind, measure the width and height of your window thoroughly, likewise the depth of the beading. These exact measurements will ensure a seamless fit and your Perfect Fit blind will clip in very easily with only simple pressure bracket.

Perfect Fit blinds don’t compromise on aesthetic elegance and retain all the stylish benefits of a traditional blind.

image of wooden curved bay window blinds on window

Curved bay window blinds

Curved bay windows are seen across homes in the UK and for many, dressing a curved bay window can be a challenge, with curtains being the most popular soft furnishing choice. 

However, there are multiple different styles of blinds suited for curved bay windows. Vertical blinds are a great choice when it comes to styling curved bay windows. The mechanism can be fitted to the outer recess face of the curved bay allowing the individual slats to hang elegantly below. 

Pleated blinds are another great choice of blind for curved bay windows. The translucent material creates a visually impactful window dressing while providing us with full control over our light and privacy. Able to be fitted to both the top and bottom of the window frames they are a great asset to any space. 

And the classic – Roman Blinds. Roman blinds in curved windows are both visually beautiful and practical for our homes. Fitting to the outer recess of the curved bay window, the fabric will sit together in a snug way ensuring little to no light will stream through when closed. Creating an eye-catching window dressing display. 

We hope you’ve found our guide to curtains and blinds for Bay Windows helpful. With a great range of blinds and curtains available on the website you’ll be able to find your perfect option in no time. All our products are handmade in the UK and feature a five-year guarantee. 

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