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A Social Snapshot: An On-Point October! 

A Social Snapshot: An On-Point October! 

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Tue 31 Oct 2023

October is a fabulous month. We see the leaves begin to change, we get an extra hour in bed when the clocks change and there is of course Halloween! This is a month where we start to prepare for winter and we’ve noticed that Roman blinds have been featured in a lot of recent social posts. Roman blinds are an excellent choice for the colder months – especially with our free thermal lining upgrade – so pop on your slippers, make a brew and see how these lovely images can inspire your home! 

Our favourite social posts from October

In October we’ve been very impressed by the extraordinary styles of so many homes and the ways in which fashionable Roman blinds have been used to finish the spaces’ aesthetic. From sleek greys to wonderful patterns, Roman blinds are the ideal choice for countless design styles. If you have some chic Roman blinds from Blinds Direct, why not tag us on Instagram and who knows, you may even feature in a future blog! 

Pattern perfection

@lifeatcapri is an excellent account filled with fabulous use of colour, pattern and a commitment to style. This month, we were tagged in a lovely image showcasing how beautiful natural light streaming into a well designed space can be. 

This image is a celebration of colour and pattern, making exceptional use of contrasting shades to make a room that’s delightful to behold. Pink and green has been greatly enjoyed for its brilliance, sophistication and soothing energy. The several green shades found on the floor, bottoms of the walls ,and the tall and elegant plant provide, add  depth and a calming foundation. lifeatcapri has then been able to elevate the style with a fantastic peachy pink for the doors and higher parts of the walls!

Fitted above this fashionable space is a striking geometric Roman blind. Introducing another shade of green that ties the others together, the open position of the also shows how stylish Roman blinds are when raised. Because of the way they fold, Roman blinds add a thickness to windows that reinforces the feeling of quality and warmth.

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Glamorous greys

For a long time, grey has been a staple in stylish, modern interior design and this living room from is a great example of how to use it to best effect 

What makes this space so eye-catching is the modern monochrome effect. The room is dominated by pristine whites found on the walls and countertop interjected with soft greys, black and spots of green from the flowers on the table. By adding in flowers or plants, you can easily introduce a small natural detail which will work with any colours on the walls or furnishings. What also helps to add flavour and dynamism to the room, without drawing attention away from the whole effect, is the lovely silver framed mirror that makes the room feel modern and light. 

Light flooding in the space really lets this room shine. Above the large windows are two Roman blinds in a soft, welcoming shade of grey. While up, they help to frame the windows and when lowered, add further warmth and appeal to the whole space’s aesthetic. 

To learn more about free lining upgrades for Roman blinds enjoy our buyers guide.

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Nurturing neutrals 

Finding a nice, relaxing corner in a cosy room is essential in any home. Here, in this image from @elsworth_home we can see attention to detail and the right colour can make a big difference to a home’s aesthetic. 

The core of the space features various neutral shades from the off white walls to the lovely hardwood floor and, of course, the lovely Roman blind found in the window’s recess. Beyond these larger uses of neutral shades, the picture frames and the little side table add further cosy details to the space. 

By using a soft foundation, @elsworth_home has then been able to be a bit more playful with the inclusion of some bolder shades. Most noticeable among these is the lovely teal armchair. Teal is a really excellent colour because while it adds eye catching detail to a decor, it won’t try to steal the show and dominate the space. This is reinforced by the use of painted skirting boards and the selective use of small potted plants.

This is a lovely relaxation corner and it again shows how stylish a Roman blind can be even when it’s opened!

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October can be a spooky month but this year it’s been an absolute delight filled with a superb collection of design styles, creative visions, and Roman blinds! If you want to feature in our November blog, make sure to tag us in your images on Instagram, our handle is @blindsdirectgb. We can’t wait to see your posts!

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