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Coloured Blinds: The Best Of 2020

Coloured Blinds: The Best Of 2020

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Wed 30 Dec 2020
Last updated Tue 21 Jun 2022

The best coloured binds of 2020

2020 has been a strange old year but it’s important to recognise the pros of the last 12 months too! Today, we’ll be looking at the top coloured blinds from across our extensive range and see if we can identify any patterns forming and maybe garner insight into what’ll be the top picks for the year ahead.

At number one this Christmas – wooden blinds!

The best of coloured wooden venetian blinds

Wooden venetian blinds are an excellent way to bring cool chic into your home while celebrating the bounty of nature. This year, our top pick has been the stylish WoodLux Bright White.

Embodying the style and sophistication of the city they are named after, Venetian blinds offer a great way to control the light that enters the home – and the air flow too. There is little better than enjoying a nice warm day and finding the perfect level of air flow via an extremely appealing Venetian blind. The white colour of this bestseller makes it a great choice for a range of decors and themes, pairing well with almost any colour palette – it’s extremely versatile to say the least.

Greys and natural wood tones have also been popular choices from our selection of wooden blinds. These colours are equally flexible demonstrating that these blinds are a great choice for a one-off upgrade, or as part of a fuller redecoration effort. For more information, we also have our Wooden Blinds Buyers Guide for you to browse.

photo of grey wooden blinds in living room to show example of the most popular coloured blinds
an image of light grey coloured blinds to show how to use different vertical blinds colours

The top coloured vertical blinds of 2020

Touched by Design Deluxe Plain White has been the best performer from our striking range of vertical blinds. Again, in plain white (I think we can see a pattern emerging here already), these blinds have been popular for homes and work environments across the country.

Available for an extremely competitive price, these blinds, like all their contemporaries across the website, are made-to-measure to your exact specifications at our facility here in Yorkshire. Similarly to our top wood blind, these vertical blinds partner well with a range of styles from monotone spaces to Scandi-inspired rooms.

With easily replaceable slats, vertical blinds are a great addition to any busy environment, from living rooms to kitchens or boardrooms. They are also very easy to clean, you can read our expert guide for cleaning vertical blinds.

The best coloured roller blinds of 2020

Roller blinds have been a hit for many stylish decorators for decades. This year’s top pick has been *drum roll please* Touched By Design Supreme Blackout White!

Roller blinds are an easy and effective way to enhance your home. With bright days and lots of streetlights brightening the darker hours, it’s hardly surprising that a blackout blind has taken this accolade.

While missing out on the top spot, there has been a marked increase in the popularity of blue roller blinds this year. Indigo and powder blue have been a common choice for stylish buyers as has denim. Blue is a tone that is expected to grow in esteem in the coming months and years so maybe now is the time to get ahead of the trend and consider one for your home?

Blackout blinds are perfect for bedrooms and improving sleep, but they can be used effectively in living rooms or home cinema spaces too. Afterall, if you’re going to enjoy the big screen in the comfort of your own home, you’ll want it to be as dark as possible. Read Roller Blinds Buyers Guide.

example image of dark grey coloured roller blinds to show the most popular choice
a photo of window with grey roman blinds fitted to show the most popular choice of coloured blinds

The best coloured Roman blinds

At this point you may be expecting white to be listed as the 2020 top pick for Roman blinds but this year the award goes to Touched by Design Accent Dove.

Dove is a really attractive warming grey tone and this is important when selecting your coloured blinds choice. Over the past few years, grey has become an increasingly popular colour because of its versatility and inherent aesthetics. Grey doesn’t just match well with other tones, it can enhance them and alter our perception of them. Take fuchsia pink for example, this tone in isolation may seem overly bright or rich but when incorporated into your décor alongside grey, it becomes more muted and softly integrates with the overall effect.

As a result, grey hues should be a serious contender when you pick your window dressings and here is a top tip – don’t consider items in insolation but as part of a broader picture. If you use grey well, you can access a wealth of opportunities and really allow your spot colours to shine through. You can browse our Roman Blinds Buyers Guide for more info.

The key takeaways for coloured blinds

White and grey have always been popular choices for coloured blinds due to their chic, cool style and ability to mix in perfectly with myriad interior design schools. Whether the theme is cool Scandi, monochrome or minimalist, whites and greys offer the perfect foundation from which you can build your design.

Our top picks above are proven by popularity but you don’t need to necessarily follow the trend if you don’t want to. If you’d rather get ahead of the curve, consider more vibrant options to white and grey and keep an eye open for window dressings in shades of green in particular.

Rich emerald tones will be a big hit next year alongside other hues of this fantastic colour. Leafy, forest greens will work well together with greys, creams and naturals tones while eucalyptus will enhance any space that showcases paler colours and tones. Just watch this space!

To find out more about our 2021 trend predictions, read our recent 2021 trends blog here.

Coloured blinds continue to be a big hit and it’s clear to see why! We have a great selection of products in a range of different colours and tones available to enjoy on our website. To help you make your choice, we even offer up to eight free samples! To find out more, contact our friendly team who will be happy to help further

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