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Scandi Design Interiors And Style

Scandi Design Interiors And Style

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Mon 30 Nov 2020
Last updated Thu 3 Mar 2022

Scandi design interior is a popular trend that’s sweeping the world. Characterised by its minimalism and simplicity, Scandinavian style – while growing in popularity – has been a hit with the style-conscious since the 1950s. With 70 years of heritage behind this increasingly popular décor, lets dive in and see how you can combine a retro legend with a modern twist, and add some Scandi elegance to your home!

Pioneers of Scandi design interior

At this point, we would be remiss not to pay homage to many of the pioneers of Scandi style. Whether it’s the internationally celebrated Arne Jacobsen (Danish, 1902–1971) who famously used forms including circles, cylinders, triangles, and cubes – or devotee of form Finn Juhl – it’s certainly worth doing your research into those that helped form today’s Scandi interior design.

Making your home Scandi chic

Clean, bright and crisp; these three words perfectly describe both Scandinavia’s natural vistas and the design trend inspired by them. Fortunately, simple Scandi décor is matched equally by the simplicity of steps you can make to add Nordic cool to your home. Let’s start with colour.

Scandi colours

These days, many people opt to decorate their walls with pale, neutral colours – this is the perfect canvas from which to create your Scandi décor. If your colour palate includes off whites, creams, greys or even very pale primary colours, you already have the perfect starting position.

To enhance an established pale theme, select natural tones like slate grey, dark mossy greens and autumnal red-browns. While you may instantly be picturing large expensive items like cabinets, tables and chairs, you can achieve easy results from a combination of well picked lampshades, cushions or even window blinds.

Beyond the thematic benefits of these colours, natural tones will enrich the cosiness of your home while interacting well with the light in your space. For the proportionate use of colours, most of the space should feature paler tones with darker notes used more sparingly. This will help keep your home bright while still achieving that Scandi vibe. 

Picture off white walls, minimalist comfy chairs with sumptuous slate grey cushions, flanked by beautiful real wood blinds. What could be more Scandi?

fabrics to be used for scandi design interior

Scandi accents

If, however, you have vibrant colour in the home, don’t feel lost at sea – we have some tips for you as well!

Block colours and soft furnishings

Block-colour items naturally partner well with already minimalist rooms, if you have a feature wall, classically-inspired furniture, or anything that breaks Scandi orthodoxy however, introduce soft furnishings in a pale colour with a loose pattern to deliver a pinch of Scandinavian style to your living room, home office or bedroom. While you may not be able to make the whole space Scandi, you can certainly integrate some of it’s style!

Muse about material for scandi window dressings and homeware

While colour and pattern open a world of opportunity to achieve a Scandi effect, don’t forget to add material to your thought process.

Although perfect companions for opulent décor, luxurious soft fabrics such and velvet and silk don’t fit in easily with our current topic. Instead, check out our cushions, curtains and our wide range of blinds made from more texture-rich materials such as wool and linen.

Using wood is also a great way to inject Scandi sophistication into a space. This material pays tribute to the aesthetic diversity of nature and helps a room feel fresh yet still homely.

Also, don’t forget that Scandinavia has a very progressive attitude to the environment as well. To help protect our planet, why not check out our fantastic range of products made from recycled plastic bottles. Less plastic in the oceans is certainly good news for the whales in the North Sea!

Find out more about our recycled materials here.

photo of scandi design interior living room
office chairs with scandi design interior

Scandi decor ideas for rooms at home

Let the light in

Finally, a key theme within Scandi design interiors is the use of natural light. To best frame the sun’s light, why not invest is some beautiful shutter blinds? At Blinds Direct we have a wide range of products to help you achieve a Scandi-inspired home. Whether you pick off white, dark grey or natural wood, we can help bring a sense of Scandinavia into your home.

How to make a Scandi kitchen

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens but they are sometimes difficult to fit into modern interior design trends. Luckily a Scandi kitchen is easier to enjoy than you might expect. 

A challenge for any kitchen, especially around the window, is how to tackle moisture. As we’ve said, wooden blinds are an excellent way to create a Scandi space, however wood, when wet, can warp and crack. 

A faux wooden blind however will allow you to enjoy the beauty of wood without compromising on durability in a moisture-rich environment. Faux wooden blinds are available in a range of colours, many of which are perfect for a Scandi-inspired kitchen, especially those in shades of grey and off white. 

These steps can be equally effective in a Scandi bathroom where the presence of water presents equal challenges.

Scandi bedroom ideas

Scandi design is all about finding peace in your space and feeling at one with nature. These relaxing principles make Scandi design interior the perfect option for a bedroom.

The colours synonymous with Scandi design are great for use in the bedroom. Greys, soft greens and other natural colours help us relax after a hard day and unwind. Paying attention around the windows will help you make the most of your Scandi bedroom.

A luxurious Roman blind or curtain in a rich cream or deep grey tone will add the aforementioned Nordic cool in abundance. Additionally, should you pick a blackout lining, you will enjoy a perfect night’s sleep.

To enjoy an extra cosy space, you can use a layered approach on your windows. A Roman or roller blind inside the window recess with a lovely curtain outside it will make your space feel homely and eminently comfortable – the very embodiment of Hygge.

We hope you have enjoyed our blog on Scandi interior design. Take a look at the high quality, made to measure homeware products available at Blinds Direct. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team – we’re always happy to help.

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