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Curtains With Thermal Lining – Here’s How They Work

Curtains With Thermal Lining – Here’s How They Work

Nic Croughan

By Nic Croughan

Fabric Expert and Personal Shopper at Blinds Direct
Wed 21 Oct 2020
Last updated Fri 28 Oct 2022

Thermal Curtains are undeniably stylish, elegant and can be conversation starters, but a question we hear time and time again is, “do curtains with thermal lining really work?” In short, yes, yes they do. Here is how…

The What and Why of Curtains with Thermal Lining.

Research suggests that 35% of heat escapes from a building through its walls, and gaps in and around windows and doors. In practice, that loss equates to wasted money through inflated heating bills, and a weaker environment. So, what can we do to fix it?

With winter fast approaching, many across the UK are looking to make their homes and workspaces as homely and toasty as possible. A problem however is when we want to improve our windows’ thermal efficiency, we immediately think about replacing them. This is time consuming, expensive and with the cold air already upon us, do we really want holes in our walls?

Luckily, there is a quick, affordable solution to keep Jack Frost outside your home this winter. Curtains with thermal lining.

What are the benefits of thermal lined curtains?

Made from multiple layers of material to improve thermal resistance, these curtains help to maintain a room’s warmth in a similar way to a winter coat. By creating dead-air space between you and the cold, rooms retain their heat, keeping you snug while the world outside becomes increasingly miserable.

And wait, there’s more. Curtains with thermal lining are equally beneficial in the warmer months, keeping the hot air out by reflecting it back outside. Remember the sticky hot days of this summer, with thermal curtains installed you can enjoy the next heat wave in greater comfort.

Additionally, due to their weighty construction, these curtains also help to insulate rooms from outside noise. They are a win-win.

Handcrafted Curtains with free Thermal Lining upgrade.

With so many benefits listed above, you may be thinking, “well there must be a downside in the options available”. If that is what you’re thinking, you’re wrong.

All our beautiful curtains are handcrafted in our cutting edge facility here in Yorkshire, as a result, you have the opportunity to have any curtain made with a thermal lining. You can do it with just one click on the Lining tab.

Adding good luck to myriad benefits, thermal linings are currently a free upgrade on our entire range of curtains too. Whether you want an elegant monochrome Scandi look for your home, or an energetic bohemian vibe with tigers featured on your curtains, we have the perfect way to keep you warm this winter.

Curtains with Thermal Lining at Blinds Direct.

Join Jess in this short video to learn more about our products that benefit from a thermal lining upgrade. You can see our beautiful Roman blinds in action and find out how the right selection can help create your dream home.

If you enjoy it, be sure to check out our YouTube channel where we have over 50 videos showcasing everything from how to measure curtains, to fitting roller blinds. You can also read our in-depth Buyers Guide for Curtains for more info.

Enjoy style, functionality and durability with high quality, made to measure Thermal Curtains from Blinds Direct. Choose from a wide range of colours and patterns, each made to the highest standards and only the best components. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team – we’re always happy to help.

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Curtains with Thermal Lining FAQ’s

What is thermal lining for curtains?

Thermal lining for curtains is an extra layer of material included during the manufacturing process. The purpose is to better insulate a room, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Does thermal lining for curtains work?

It certainly does! Thermal lining improves the R-value (the rating of insulation) while reducing the U-value (thermal transmittance).

What is thermal lining fabric?

Our thermal lining fabric is made from a polyester/cotton blend fabric (52% polyester 48% cotton) that is faced with a thin layer of acrylic foam to provide the thermal properties.

Do thermal lined curtains block out light?

By virtue of having more layers in their composition,curtains with thermal lining will block out even more light than a regular curtain. In addition, they will reduce heat loss and noise pollution.

Shop our curtains with free thermal lining upgrade available:

To provide a little inspiration we’ve included some of our top curtain picks below. These suit a wide range or interiors and trends, and don’t forget, you can include a free thermal lining upgrade during the ordering process!

All blogs lead to Rome

If curtains with thermal lining aren’t your thing and you want some Italian inspired Roman blinds, we also have good news for you! The perfect compromise between heavy curtains and slim-line roller blinds, our Roman blinds can be upgraded to include a thermal lining, also for free.

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