Psychology Of Colour: Positive Colours

Psychology Of Colour: Positive Colours

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Tue 26 Jan 2021

Let’s face it – it’s winter, lockdown is rattling on and things at the moment are a little bleak. What we could all do with is a boost of positivity to help our mental health get back on track and introduce a soothing sense of calm to our lives through using positive colours within our homes .

While many of us would love nothing more than to meet with friends, go dancing or see the latest blockbuster on the big screen, we sadly can’t – but there are simple ways you can use the money you’ve saved on such activities on your home to make it as positive a place as possible.

Positive colours in the home

Colours have a magic power that inspire different reactions within us. Some will energise you, some will help you work more efficiently, and others will gently impart positivity to you and those sharing your space.

Positivity can be a relatively nebulous term – so what do we mean when we say it? Well, positivity is the feeling that despite certain issues or problems, everything is – or will be – ok. Sometimes however, we need a little boost to help us remain positive, and colour can certainly help us achieve that.

Below we have investigated some colours that will not only help you make a stylish statement in your home but add some positivity to your life too.

Gentle greens

It seems with each year that passes, we increasingly forget we are essentially little more than smart mammals, and are a part of nature.

This disconnect seems to be linked with the rise of anxiety and depression, and the overall lack of positivity.  A step back to mother nature however can help to reverse this.

The best way to benefit from green is to use natural items. Potted plants improve our mental health be they flowers, succulents or even herbs.

The power of these flora friends can be enhanced furthermore with fixtures that feature the calming power of natural green tones.

Larger canvases such as sofas, curtains and even walls, in a nice paint or paper, can have a similar effect on our positivity. To give your space a real boost, consider using floral patterns such as this nature-inspired curtain.

positive green colours in living room with sofa and cushions

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blue positive colours in bedroom and roman blinds

Becalming blue colours

Like its green counterpart, blue too provides a feeling of nature. Reminding us of the sky and sea – and a wider sense of infinity – blue helps us still the mind and relax. Relaxation and positivity go hand-in-hand and as a result, this is a great colour to introduce into your home.

Unlike green, you don’t need to only consider natural tones. With blue you can opt for anything from soft sky blues to increasingly trendy dark blues.

Pale or electric blues improve positivity in an energetic way. As a result, these colours are great for home working or workout spaces.

Dark blue, while still creating an air of positivity, is more in tune with relaxation. With that in mind, consider adding dark blue into the spaces where you relax or enjoy your hobbies.

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Yes to yellow

Yellow is a real standout colour. It’s energetic, vibrant and won’t fail to bring some positivity into your space.

When we exercise, we feel good in ourselves and develop a positive outlook on the world. To enhance your home workout area, use yellows to support any other colours you have to stimulate and encourage you.

Because it’s one of the most quickly identified colours on the spectrum, use yellow sparingly around the home to support the established décor.

Mustard cushions and soft golden lamp shades will help add well-placed spots of colour to any room without overpowering you or those you share your space with.

positive yellow colours in bedroom with day and night blinds

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I hope you’ve enjoyed our dip into positive colours and feel confident to boost the positivity of your homes with these striking hues. If this triumvirate of tone however doesn’t work for you, also consider using pinks and white to lend a helping hand to your décor. There are lots of fantastic handmade items in all these colours for you to enjoy – we’ve even made a psychology of colour collection showcasing our favourites.

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