Everything You Need To Know About Perfect Fit Wooden Blinds

Everything You Need To Know About Perfect Fit Wooden Blinds

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Wed 20 Feb 2019

Quick to install, easy to maintain and with no chains or cords, Perfect Fit wooden blinds are a family-friendly and practical choice for many areas of the home.

Transform the look and feel of your space with a Perfect Fit wooden blind from Blinds Direct. This revolutionary blind system allows wooden venetian blinds to be installed seamlessly into your uPVC windows and doors, offering you and your family a wide range of functional advantages.

The Benefits of Perfect Fit Wooden Blinds

Perfect Fit wooden blinds on French doors in stylish living roomPerfect Fit wooden blinds are suitable for most windows throughout the home, assuming that your window and door frames are uPVC. When purchasing your new blinds, you should measure the width and height of your window carefully, along with the depth of your beading. These precise measurements will make for a seamless fit and your Perfect Fit blind will clip in very easily, with the help of a simple pressure bracket. The entire glazed surface will then be covered, so you won’t be left with any gaps that compromise your privacy or light control.

Perfect Fit wooden blinds do not require screws or nails, so installation will not cause damage to your walls or window frames. This makes them a great choice for rented and listed properties. They are also operated with a neat side control, which means no cords or chains are involved. As such, these blinds are totally child-safe and will give you peace of mind in every room.

The Perfect Fit system is sleek and minimal, avoiding the cluttered look that bulkier window dressings may create. They leave your windowsill completely free, complementing modern minimalist styles as well as making small rooms feel larger. So, which doors and windows are they best for?

Patio doors

Perfect Fit wooden blinds are a great choice for uPVC patio doors, allowing you to fix your blinds directly into the frame without any drilling, screws or unnecessary mess. The Perfect Fit blind frame will fit neatly between the glass and beading of the door frame, creating a sleek window dressing. During the warmer months, you’ll be able to open your patio doors without blinds or curtains getting in the way or rattling. When it’s cold, you can enjoy optimum thermal efficiency, as the full surface area of the glazing is covered and less heat can escape.

Perfect Fit wooden blinds are ideal for the majority of patio doors. However, while they work brilliantly with French doors, they may not be suitable for your sliding door system. This is because the blinds may obstruct the doors as they slide over one another.


Perfect Fit wooden blinds will provide a warm yet modern look in your conservatory, orangery or sun room. Offering a high level of privacy, they are ideal for areas of the home that might be overlooked by neighbours. Because the window treatment doesn’t hinder access handles, you can also operate your windows and doors while the blinds remain drawn.

Your new Perfect Fit blinds are very easy to maintain. Simply wipe the slats clean with a clean, damp cloth, banishing any dirt or dust that has settled. This simple maintenance routine will certainly help to keep your conservatory looking bright and fresh. Of course, if you know your conservatory receives a huge amount of sunlight, tread carefully; wooden blinds do not stand up well in intense heat and temperature fluctuations, and you do not want your new blinds to warp and bend. With that in mind, another style of Perfect Fit blind may be a better choice.


Perfect Fit wooden blinds provide the charm and warmth of real wood along with the practicalities of a simple, slim-line blind. Whether your kitchen is minimalist, contemporary or inspired by country cottage interiors, a Perfect Fit wooden is a lovely choice. If your kitchen windows look out onto a street or a neighbour’s property, Perfect Fit wooden blinds will offer extra privacy without compromising on sunlight, allowing you to tilt the slats to a precise degree.

Remember, natural wood can warp and break when exposed to wet or humid environments, so avoid installing these blinds in utility rooms or areas of the kitchen that are susceptible to splashes, spills and steam.

Unusual windows

Because Perfect Fit wooden blinds fit inside the window frame, rather than attaching to a wall or a recess, they are ideal for awkwardly-shaped windows. As mentioned, Perfect Fit blinds are a great choice for period homes because there’s no need to drill or damage original features. But their versatility also means they can lend to the property’s bay windows or other unusual dimensions. Perfect Fit wooden blinds can also work well with skylights and tilt and turn windows.

Our Perfect Fit Wooden Blinds

Take a look at the high quality, real wood Perfect Fit blinds from Blinds Direct. Simply click the images to find out more and shop direct.


Make more of your windows and the rest of your home with a high quality, made to measure Perfect Fit blind from Blinds Direct. Choose from a wide range of items, styles and finishes, each made to the highest standards using only the best components. Want to know more? Get in touch with our friendly team for more information.

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