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The Benefits Of Perfect Fit Blinds

The Benefits Of Perfect Fit Blinds

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 25 Jun 2021
Last updated Fri 26 May 2023

Perfect Fit blinds offer an easy to fit solution for windows and doors, but many are still unsure as to what they are exactly. Today, we’ll be looking into these amazing blinds, what they are and the different styles available.

What are Perfect Fit blinds?

Perfect Fit blinds are easy to fit window coverings contained within an innovative frame which clips to your window. They are quick to fit and because they don’t require screws or drills, they won’t make a mess in your home. Suitable for most windows and doors, Perfect Fit blinds provide a wealth of options that can be easily fitted in place. 

Due to this simple method of fitting, they are perfect for most windows and doors including patio doors and even tilt and turn windows. Moreover, because you don’t need to drill holes into your walls, a Perfect Fit blind is a fantastic option for rental properties and listed buildings!

living room layout with french doors with perfect fit blinds

Other key benefits of Perfect Fit blinds

Light control: Perfect fit blinds offer improved light control because the frame stops it from coming round the side of your blinds (sometimes called the halo effect). For even better light control, consider a blackout lining which is available in many of the styles available. 

Thermal efficiency: Perfect Fit blinds fit tightly to the window adding an extra layer to keep spaces warm in winter and cool in summer. This will help save money on energy and protect the environment. For even greater thermal efficiency, consider a thermal lining.

Child safe: Perfect Fit blinds are safe for children too as there are no strings or chords which can present hazards for little ones. This makes them a fantastic option for kids’ bedrooms.

Solution for awkward windows: Because they fit to the window itself, Perfect Fit blinds can be used on trickier windows where traditional blinds or windows can’t be fitted. Examples include flat windows, windows where there is no recess and those found in little nooks and crannies.

Different styles of Perfect Fit blinds

With the above in mind, and the various overall benefits explained, what styles of Perfect Fit blinds are there?

product image of perfect fit wooden blinds for sale from blinds direct

Perfect Fit Wooden Blinds

Traditional wooden blinds provide a wealth of benefits to a space including variable degrees of light control combined with a striking natural aesthetic. When partnered with a Perfect Fit frame, you can enjoy the beauty of nature in your home with minimal effort. These blinds are perfect for conservatories and windows around the home, we’d just suggest not using natural wood in moisture rich spaces where the material can warp or crack. Shop Perfect Fit wooden blinds or browse our Wooden Blinds Buyers Guide for more information.

image of white metal venetian perfect fit blind for sale from blinds direct

Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

If you love the horizontal slats synonymous with wooden blinds but there’s often water in the room, aluminium Venetian blinds are protected by a specialist coating making them the perfect addition to any bathrooms and kitchens. They are equally attractive in other spaces in the home too. Check out our Perfect Fit Venetian blinds.

product image of floral printed perfect fit roller blinds for sale

Perfect Fit Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a real classic. They can be sophisticated or simple – whichever you desire. When they are also a Perfect Fit blind, they’re simple to fit as well. Each Perfect Fit roller blind features all the usual benefits and options of a classic roller blind with options available including blackout and thermal linings. Perfect Fit roller blinds are a great option for a kid’s bedroom because as your child grows and their interests change, you can switch from superheroes to funky florals in no time.

photo of perfect fit vision blinds in natural colour

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds blinds offer uncomplicated beauty and sophistication into any space in the home. Perfect Fit Day & Night blinds are built from alternating strips of fabric which provide various levels of transparency and a trendy striped effect. Because of the flexibility offered by Perfect Fit blinds, they are an exceptional choice in living rooms, dining rooms and conservatories.

product image of ice blue coloured perfect fit pleated blinds from blinds direct

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

These innovative blinds offer a gentle, soft-shading effect when they are lowered then neatly stack when raised. They take up minimal space and are an effective solution for all uPVC windows – whether they are in the living room or bedroom – conservatories, or even doors. Discover Perfect Fit pleated blinds and have a read of our Pleated Blinds Buyers Guide.

Ideas for using Perfect Fit blinds in the home

The different styles of perfect fit blinds we have mentioned, provide myriad style opportunities for any home but what are some great ways to use Perfect Fit blinds in your home?

image of living room with green chair and sofa with patio doors dressed with pink perfect fit blinds for patio doors

Perfect Fit blinds for French doors

French doors open outwards at the hinge which means it can be tricky to pair such a door with a classic blind. A Perfect Fit blind however – as we know – attaches to the door itself so when it moves, so does the blind.

One of the beauties of French doors is their ability to let light into your room, to give you the most flexibility, consider a Day & Night or even roller Perfect Fit blind.

Perfect Fit blinds for patio doors

As with French doors, if you want a blind that helps you manage the light coming through a patio door, a Day & Night blind is second to none.

Additionally, a wooden or aluminium Perfect Fit Venetian blinds is also a fantastic option as the neat angles will integrate well with the angular nature of your patio door.

Conservatory Blinds – Perfect for Perfect Fit Blinds

Conservatories are increasingly popular in the UK providing that nice midpoint between indoors and outside. By their nature, conservatories feature a lot of glass which like windows lets light flood in. That said, conservatories don’t often have the same amounts of space surrounding the glass as windows inside the home, this is where Perfect Fit blinds step in. Because conservatories tend to be used for relaxation during the day, it’s usually not necessary to use thick, or blackout blinds.

Great options include aluminium or wooden Venetian blinds, or especially Day & Night blinds – also known as Zebra blinds. These options give customers the flexibility to limit the levels of light in their space to their exact specifications. Perfect Fit blinds are an ideal candidate for conservatory blinds.

image of conservatory with sofa and chairs and open windows with perfect fit blinds for conservatories

Each and every one of our UK made Perfect Fit blinds is made to measure at our specialist facility situated in the heart of Yorkshire. There are hundreds of options to consider ensuring you’ll find the perfect Perfect Fit blind for your home.

Shop our best selling Perfect Fit blinds:

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