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Get The Linen Look

Get The Linen Look

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Wed 23 Mar 2022
Last updated Tue 24 May 2022

Linen is one of those exceptional materials that looks chic and elegant. The material is used to clothe some of the most stylish people in warmer climates, it covers beds around the globe, and importantly, can be used to great effect improving the stylishness of interiors. Today we’ll be looking closely at this amazing fabric and the best ways you can capture the look of linen in your home.

What is linen fabric?

Linen is made from the flax plant and – once woven into fabric – is once the most stylish materials on earth. What makes it so, is the texture and feel of the fabric which makes a space our outfit feel relaxed, airy and comfortable. 

That said, linen can be expensive and in its purest form, can easily wrinkle and lose its shape. However, it couldn’t be easier to capture the look and feel of linen and enjoy it in rooms around your home!

At Blinds Direct, we offer a linen blend in our ranges of curtains and Roman blinds and for roller and vertical blinds, we have an amazing textured material which flawlessly captures the feeling and beauty of linen in a way that’s perfectly suited for window furnishings, without breaking the bank. 

The best linen blinds

Luckily, you can enjoy the look and style of linen in many varieties of window furnishings. Whether you’re looking for something that fits squarely in the window, or hangs elegantly outside of it, there are some excellent options to consider!

image of a roman blind in a bedroom with a linen fabric style look

Linen look roller blinds

A popular choice enjoyed in thousands of homes around the world, quality, handmade roller blinds are elegant, and a great canvas for colour and pattern. Offering high levels of functionality and a classy, fashionable shape, roller blinds provide a great mixture of privacy and light control.

Our textured roller blinds capture the magic of linen in a more durable way that’s better suited for window furnishings, and adds a sophisticated duet of beauty and function to any window. If you choose a textured roller blind from Blinds Direct, you needn’t worry about having to compromise on style. There is an excellent range of colours and patterns to consider.

Linen look vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a true classic. The long, streamlined, and classy slats have been used to great effect in homes and offices alike and beyond the attractive look of these blinds is their functionality. The arrangement and mobility of the slats – sometimes called louvres – provides great levels of light control from total saturation, through numerous levels of light filtration to blackout.

Within our range of high quality, made to measure textured vertical blinds there are timeless natural tones which are the perfect addition to many interior design trends. Don’t forget, you can also order replacement vertical blind slats if a couple of your current slats are looking a little tired or have been damaged! 

image to show example of how a vertical blind can have a linen look in a living room
image to show how a living room would look when using linen curtains

Linen curtains

Linen curtains are also an excellent option for style conscious decorators. Beyond their fabulous ability to add privacy and light control to a space, curtains are a fantastic way to express your personality in the home. The delicate texture found in linen partners wonderfully with the soft shapes found in curtains, combining to create a window furnishing that’s the epitome of style and sophistication!

Our range of linen curtains is made from a quality linen blend which captures the elegance of the material while adding greater functionality and durability. The collection features a refined colour palette, ranging from soft cream and stone to dusty pink and mineral blue. Select your perfect linen curtain with your choice of heading, tiebacks and lining today!

There are also a range of quality curtain poles to support your linen curtain – there are many materials available, but a natural wood pole will be hard to beat!

Linen Roman blinds

When combined with a well-chosen colour or pattern, a linen roman blind will liven up any interior design trend you may enjoy in your home. Moreover, it will offer light control and maintain privacy.

In any fabric, Roman blinds are an elegant window treatment and a more compact alternative to curtains. The beauty of roman blinds comes from their ability to maintain their appeal whether they are raised or lowered, ensuring your windows always look and feel trendy. When combined with linen however, all these stylish qualities are elevated, making your home feel chic with a touch of retro cool.

image of chair next to house plant with window net to it using linen roman blinds

Look at linen to enrich the style of your home. Beyond our ranges of quality blinds and curtains, you can also consider linen lamp shades and linen cushions to bring this remarkable material into your home. To find the perfect linen for your decor, you can also order up to eight free samples before making your order!

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