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Choosing The Best Blinds For Your Home Office

Choosing The Best Blinds For Your Home Office

Nic Croughan

By Nic Croughan

Fabric Expert and Personal Shopper at Blinds Direct
Thu 19 Mar 2020
Last updated Wed 24 Nov 2021

If you’ve recently made the transition to working from home and are looking for some home office inspiration, we can help you create a more focused and functional workspace.

Home office blinds

Though you might be short on space and missing the facilities of a dedicated office, it’s still possible to create a work zone that is comfortable and functional, encouraging concentration, motivation and maximum productivity. Whether you’ve got a dedicated home office or you’re setting up camp in another room, one of the most important things to consider is your window dressing.

Which type of blinds are best for a home office?

The below words will provide you with the inspiration needed for your new office. The right blind can bring numerous benefits to your workspace. Not only will it control the light, prevent glare and provide privacy, it will also help to cut down on outside noise and distractions.

Day and Night blinds for your home office

One of the best options is a Day and Night blind. As these blinds roll down, the alternating strips of fabric slide against each other, moving between one block of colour or a set of stripes. As well as looking stylish, this versatile design will enable you to fully embrace the sunshine, create a gentle filter of light, or black things out completely which will help set your desired mood in your home office.

Using Day and Night for privacy in your office

It also means privacy levels can be arranged to your exact requirements, so you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbours or passers-by, especially if your new work station looks out onto a busy road.

Which coloured Day and Night blinds will suit your home office?

Our Day and Night blinds are available in a variety of colours including grey, cream, white, gold, pistachio green and chocolate brown. These neutral, sophisticated tones will lend perfectly to several interior themes, so your new blind is sure to tie in with the rest of the room’s décor.

Venetian blinds for your home office

Controlling light and privacy through Venetian blinds

Another practical choice for may peoples home office is an aluminium, wooden or faux wood Venetian blind. Venetian blinds are inherently functional; the rotating slats can be angled to a precise degree, so you can achieve an exact level of light control and privacy. You can also enjoy a filter of light and fresh air while blocking the views outside – again, perfect for home offices that might be overlooked.

Which type of Venetian blind will be best for home offices?

In terms of style, Venetian blinds have a contemporary look that lends to most rooms in the home. You can choose between sleek aluminium, warming wood or practical faux wood depending on where your home office is located and its theme. For example, a wooden blind will be a great addition to a classic or country style space, whereas an aluminium Venetian blind is a better choice for contemporary and minimalist rooms.

image to show how day and night blinds can be used as home office blinds
photo of roller blinds being used in a home office set up with white lamp

Double Roller and blackout blinds for your home office

Why choose a Double Roller blind fo home offices

You can’t think home office inspiration without considering double roller blinds. The innovative dual design features two layers of fabric – one translucent, and one blackout. The layers can be arranged independently so you can achieve the right level of shading and privacy. This will help to remove distractions from outside, as well as protecting your eyes from both sunlight and screen glare.

Which colours will suit your home office best?

We have a number of colour options available, including white on white, navy and grey, pink and white, blue and white, and cream and natural. We also have a large collection of blackout blinds which are perfect for parts of the home that often require more light control, privacy and peace and quiet.

Roman and roof blinds for your home office

Roman blinds for a home office

Alternatively, you could choose a soft and stylish Roman blind for your new home office. This is a more luxurious choice, framing the view outside as well as providing light control and thermal benefits.

Using roof blinds for you home office windows

And of course, if your new work space is located in a loft or garage conversion, roof blinds will be the obvious choice – be sure to take a look at our selection.

Embrace your new work environment and create a more functional space with high quality made to measure blinds, curtains, cushions and lamp shades from Blinds Direct. You can also see our other styling tips for your home office, including the best furniture and accessories.

Videos of our selected blinds perfect for a home office:

Home Office Day & Night Blinds

Home Office Venetian Blinds

Home Office Double Roller Blinds

Home Office Roman Blinds

Still wanting some home office inspiration for your blinds?

Here are some of our favourite blind designs for your new office space. Simply click ‘Shop Now’ to shop direct. You can also see our full collection of office blinds here.

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