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How to decorate your home office

How to decorate your home office

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Sat 23 Mar 2019
Last updated Thu 26 Aug 2021

Home offices are becoming evermore popular, and many of us are looking to create a dedicated space that helps us to concentrate and be more productive.

Whether you’re starting a new business, a new hobby, or you’re embracing the art of flexi-working, your home office will provide an area for maximum productivity. Here are some of our top tips for creating and decorating your very own home office…

Zone it off

While your kitchen table or sofa may have been sufficient for the odd working-from-home day in the past, it’s probably time to create a dedicated area that supports your work.

This part of the home will be free from distraction and provide a fixed work/life border that helps you maintain the right balance. For those lucky enough to benefit from a separate room for their office, the door does the trick. But if your home office is located in the corner of a bedroom or living room, consider adding pieces of furniture to ‘zone’ the space and keep it separate from the rest of the home. When you finish working for the day, remember to tidy away work-related clutter that might catch your eye and draw you back in.

Desk and chair

Though they may seem a little boring, your desk and chair are the most important items in your home office.

Your desk should be installed at the right height, providing a solid and stable surface for you to work on. Ideally, it’ll be large enough to house your computer, paperwork and various other items. Meanwhile, your chair should be stable, comfortable and encourage good posture. Your desk could be selected off-the-shelf, from a shop such as Ikea. If budget allows, you could look at getting a custom desk built. Or you might decide to check out local charity shops for a secondhand piece that you can up-cycle.

While you can be savvy with your desk, you shouldn’t make any compromises with your chair. Choose a desk chair that is as high quality as you can afford, and if needs be, invest in additional support for your back. Your chair may not be pretty, but you can add style and personality into other parts of your office without compromising on your comfort or health.


Good natural light is a real bonus for your home office. Not only does sunlight boost your mood and improve your focus, but it will illuminate up your space and make it feel lighter and brighter. Place your desk beside the window, ensuring that you’ve installed appropriate blinds to prevent glare.

Of course, some home offices or studies may be located in a basement, loft conversion or even the garage. As such, it’s vital that you invest in good task lighting to prevent eye strain. Consider LED bulbs for improved energy efficiency.

If you want to make your office feel more cosy, fairy lights and table lamps will work well. Don’t rely on these light sources as functional items though – they should be there to create atmosphere and further enhance a proper lighting system.


Most home offices are small, so it’s important that you use the space carefully. Multipurpose furniture and modular storage solutions are a great way to maximise the available space, and these can grow as your business grows.

Try to avoid cluttering up your desk with paperwork that you don’t regularly refer to. Instead, implement a filing system and save your desk space for items that you use every day, such as your computer, notebook, stationery and phone.

Floating shelves above your desk will work well; make things more attractive by adding storage baskets, framed pictures and plants. While your storage solutions should be functional, there’s no reason why you can’t dress them up a little.


When choosing the colour scheme for your home office, consider the feelings that you want to evoke. Does your job involve design or art? If so, stimulating colours like teal and coral could work well. Maybe your work is more analytical and numbers focused? In this case, a calming and focused shade of blue or grey will be better. Plain white walls are another good choice for a home office, as it provides a fresh blank canvas with very little distraction.

More colours can be introduced through accessories and soft furnishings such as lamp shades, window dressings, rugs, cushions and artwork. You could also consider wallpapering one wall for a statement, or creating a gallery wall with a combination of prints in different colours and sizes. Just because your office is for work, doesn’t mean it should be plain and clinical.

Blinds and curtains

If your home office has a window, you should choose a blind or curtains that control the light effectively, preventing glare and eye strain. If your office is located in a loft or garage conversion, roof blinds will be the obvious choice. Home offices that are overlooked by neighbours or passers by will benefit from wooden blinds, which can be angled for privacy without compromising on natural light. Alternatively, choose a stylish roller blind that will frame the view outside as well as providing light control and thermal benefits. Roman blinds and curtains are a more luxurious choice, while Day and Night blinds or Double Rollers offer more flexibility with light control and privacy. Take a look at our full collection of blinds that are perfect for the home office – we’ve picked some of our favourites below!

Products for your home office

Make more of your windows and the rest of your home with high quality, made to measure interior products from Blinds Direct. Choose from a wide range of items, styles and finishes, each made to the highest standards using only the best components. Want to know more? Get in touch with our friendly team for more information.

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