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How To Design A Warm White Room

How To Design A Warm White Room

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Tue 9 Oct 2018
Last updated Mon 6 Jun 2022

From Scandi chic, to hotel luxe, to modern minimalism, white plays a huge role in some of the most popular interior design styles of the moment.

White is a truly timeless and versatile choice for the home, but it’s important to style it carefully in order to avoid a stark and sterile-looking space. There is a very fine line between the simplistic and the bland! Here’s how to keep your whites warm and welcoming…

How to design a warm white room

Opulent white living room with curtains and chandelierSelect the right shade

The right type of white will make a considerable difference to the look and feel of your space. While cooler shades include touches of grey, blue and violet, warm whites have undertones of yellow, pink and beige. Along with the purest true white, a few colder options to consider include pearl, snow, frost and ivory. Warmer variations would be alabaster, egg shell, cream and coconut, as well as the darker variations of linen, parchment and bone.

All of these shades behave differently and will have a particular finish depending on the time of year, the location of the room, and the other colours involved in the room set-up. Your choice of white should also take into account the aspect of the space that you are styling, such as the walls, the flooring or a piece of furniture.

Introduce different textures

The best way to make your white interior feel warm and inviting is to introduce textures. The impact of texture is powerful, even if the piece itself is subtle. While your white backdrop will ensure your room feels fresh and spacious, it’s the textural accents that lift the space into something more exciting and homely.

Combine a variety of different fabrics and finishes for a cosy and personalised effect, from natural woods, marble and brushed metal, to faux furs, wool weaves and silk effects. Layer up these different textures to create focal points, including an effective cushion arrangement on the sofa, or an eye-catching coffee table display. These contrasts add depth and dimension to an otherwise simple space and will really help to warm things up.

Highlight your favourite featuresimage of lamp shade next to curtain

Another benefit of white is that it has the distinct ability to highlight other aspects of the room whilst retaining its own voice. Rather than drowning out accompanying colours and patterns, or paling into insignificance against other design features, white is unique in its power to both enhance and complement.

As such, we recommend you use white to highlight your favourite design features, whether that’s a colourful sofa, a statement radiator, piece of artwork, or an exposed brick wall. Remember, white will also enhance the natural sunlight that enters the room and make more of light and shadow, so use this to your advantage.

Accessorise with natural materials

Ensure your white interior doesn’t stray into clinical territory by introducing natural accessories. These organic pieces, including woodgrains, stone, clay, natural fibres and plants, are inherently warming. Amp up the charm by choosing rustic, weathered or recycled items, which will bring even more character.

Nature is always on trend, which means your decor will continue to look stylish throughout the seasons. Incorporating organic or recycled design accents will also nod towards the eco-friendly movement, welcoming sustainable style into your space.

Warm white window treatments

At Blinds Direct, we’re delighted to offer a great selection of warm white blinds and curtains that warm your room. Colour trends come and go, but white is timeless. And when you style a room that is bright and warming, complete with texture and interesting design touches, you’ll enjoy a space that’s effortlessly stylish and welcoming. Want to know more? Discover inspiration on our Simply White Pinterest board, or get in touch with our team for further information about products.

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