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Kitchen Blinds Ideas

Kitchen Blinds Ideas

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 1 Apr 2022
Last updated Tue 27 Sep 2022

Kitchens are integral parts of the home that must adapt to many situations. From hosting dinner parties, to cooking and socialising with friends, they are spaces of the home where durability must be balanced against style and homeliness. Therefore, when it comes to picking kitchen blinds, how do we know which are best?

An overview of kitchen blinds

Kitchens are rooms in the home that are susceptible to variation of temperature, humidity and light. With sauces splattering, steam rising and who knows what else, finding the perfect blind can be challenging.

That said, covering all these practical aspects doesn’t mean that kitchen blinds can’t be beautiful and inspiring. Here’s some ideas for how to make the most out of your kitchen blinds.

Ideas for kitchen blinds to use that handle humidity

Humidity within a kitchen can fluctuate regularly due to the steam often produced when cooking. Condensation and humidity can be problematic for fabrics that haven’t been treated and can cause stains and watermarks. However, at Blinds Direct we have a selection of blinds that tackle these problems and will keep your blinds stylish and your kitchen looking fresh.

image to show some kitchen roller blinds ideas

Metal venetian blinds for the kitchen

Metal Venetian blinds are a stylish and incredibly practical blind for kitchens. Having been coated in aluminium oxide, they are resistant to moisture and its effects. With a variety of colourways and finishes to choose from, you will be able to easily express your own unique style

Kitchen roller blinds ideas

Roller Blinds are a great solution for any window. They provide us with the opportunity to express our unique style through the use of daring colours and bold patterns. For the kitchen, where steam, condensation and humidity run high, a normal roller blind wouldn’t be an ideal choice.

However, there is a selection of fabric finishes that will complement the multifaceted environment of the kitchen. Moisture proof roller blinds are a great choice as they can withstand the high levels of moisture and humidity, while allowing for the injection of a bold colour or detailed pattern.

PVC Roller blinds are another great kitchen blind idea as they are water resistant and come with easy clean properties. The easy clean properties not only accommodate for the high moisture levels, but they are also ideal for homes with small children present – especially if they are mixing a cake and bits start flying everywhere! Any spillage or splatter can easily be removed with a wipe from a damp cloth.

Using vertical blinds in your kitchen

Looking to protect your privacy while allowing sunlight to filter into your kitchen? Vertical Blinds are an ideal solution. The independent vertical slats can be turned to a slant, obscuring the view from the outside world in, but letting light through the gaps. For kitchens, we recommend the use of the PVC Vertical blinds as the material will improve the product’s longevity. With an exciting selection of colours to choose from, you will be able to showcase your personal taste, while adding practical benefits to the space.

Controlling cooking splatters

Exploring culinary skills is a great pastime, and a fabulous way to impress friends and family. When experimenting with new recipes however, mess can easily occur. To ensure your blinds remain fresh you can also consider hygienic and easy wipe fabrics.

Hygienic roller blinds

Hygienic roller blinds are a great choice for kitchens as they feature water resistant and wipeable properties. With the option of adding a dynamic colourway, hygienic roller and vertical blinds provide both practical and stylish properties.

Easy wipe vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a great choice for adding a stylish twist to your kitchen. The individually hung slats allow the sunlight to stream through creating a dynamic display of light in the room. The easy wipe vertical blinds are ideal for kitchens as any mark or food splatter can be removed with a bit of soapy water and elbow grease.

For any slats that are looking a bit worse for wear, vertical blind replacement slats allow you to change out the old slats with new one with little effort, instantly revitalising the look!

Style for socialising in your kitchen

Socialising is an important part of life. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee or hosting a dinner party, ensuring we have a lovely space to entertain is an important part of many homes. Adding style and sophistication to our kitchens, while ensuring all the practical aspects are met, has never been made simpler.

image to show kitchen blinds ideas for wooden

Faux Wood Shutters for kitchens

Shutters are an ideal addition for kitchens and other moisture rich spaces. They are crafted from quality uPVC, so they can withstand daily wear and tear along with splashes, spills and steam. Quality faux wood shutters from Blinds Direct are also resistant to cracking and warping.

photo of kitchen using perfect fit roller blinds

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Faux wooden Venetian blinds are an ideal kitchen blind for adding a stylish touch to the space. With faux wood providing the elegance of a real wood blind, but with added practical qualities, they are easy to clean and won’t warp or crack if they get wet.

image to give an idea of what shutters look like in a kitchen

Perfect fit blinds for the kitchen

Aesthetically pleasing spaces are something we all strive for. Perfect fit blinds come in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing us to express our personal taste without needing drills or screws. They simply clip into a uPVC window or door frame, creating an instant refresh of the space.

Perfect fit roller blinds are a wonderful choice for adding in a pop of colour or detail through a pattern. Available in a variety of finishes, from moisture proof to hygienic, they are a wonderful choice for adding a stylish blind with practical benefits to the space.  

For adding a sleek touch into your décor, perfect fit metal blinds will provide you with just that. With water resistant properties, they will not warp, crack, or discolour – increasing the longevity of the product. With a variety of colourways to choose from, a perfect fit metal blind is a wonderful addition to add a stylish, contemporary feel to the home!

Best colours and patterns for kitchens

Kitchens are at their best when home to colours and patterns. With cabinets, surfaces and windows all found in kitchens, there are plenty of places for you to add little touches of drama and personality.

These can be serious and chic with the use of white faux wooden blinds or shutters, or youthful with powdery shades of green, blue and pink. If your kitchen is more traditional, gingham checks or stripes in a slightly darker shade will also work wonders.

If you want something really daring and fun, we have an exciting range of blinds which feature fruits and vegetables as part of the pattern. Whether you like a pear for breakfast, or artichokes for tea, you can celebrate your favourite foods around your windows.

Add motorised blinds to your kitchen windows

One of the best kitchen blinds ideas is to motorise your blinds! At Blinds Direct you can update your roller blinds or Day & Night blinds to add that balance between function and convenience. By motorising your kitchen blinds, you can raise and lower your furnishing at will from the comfort of your dining table helping to manage light entering your home and impressing your guests in equal measure! You can learn all about motorised blinds and the advantages they offer on the website!

Blinds Direct has a large selection of blinds ideal for the multifaceted environment of the kitchen. However, just because there is a large selection of practical measures to work with, that doesn’t mean colour needs to be forgotten. Have a read of our Colourful Kitchen Ideas blog to find out how to add a pop or colour and detail into your kitchen!

Shop some of our kitchen blinds ideas below:

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