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Loft Conversion Ideas

Loft Conversion Ideas

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Wed 20 Apr 2022
Last updated Mon 8 Aug 2022

Loft conversions are an easy and popular way to add useful space to a property. Where they were mostly used for storing luggage and bits you didn’t need but didn’t want to part with, thousands across the UK are now fitting them out to make better use of their space. But what are the options available for your loft conversion, and what are the important considerations to mull over? Read on for our top tips and ideas, from the best uses for loft conversions, to the best blinds for any Velux windows you may add.

Top loft conversion ideas

Loft conversions are an easy way to introduce extra living space, add value to the property; and even improve your home’s thermal efficiency. What’s more, they are very popular!

 In our recent Renovate or Relocate Debate campaign, we found that of those looking to update their homes, a considerable number were considering loft conversions, especially in the South East of England where 26% live. While you can add lamps – or permanent fixtures – to any converted loft, nothing quite lives up to natural sunlight streaming in from a stylish skylight. Throughout the year however, as light levels wax and wane, being able to manage the light becomes more important. Fortunately, there is a wide range of roof blinds available at Blinds Direct, we’ll have you – and your window – covered.

Bedroom ideas for loft conversions

Converting lofts into bedrooms is one of the most popular choices for many around the world. Once converted and with lighting and fixtures added, owners can enjoy thinking about the décor and feel of the space. Here – as with any bedroom – you can enjoy considering which colours and fabrics to use in your loft conversion bedroom.

Whether you opt for calming blues or cool neutral tones, there are a variety of colours available in our range of roof blinds, which also include blackout fabrics to help you enjoy a perfect night’s sleep. These blinds are equally handy for home cinemas!

Bedroom loft conversions can also be magical for kids’ rooms! Separate from the adults, children can enjoy a loft conversion which they feel is their own, and where they can be noisier and have even more fun.

image to show bedroom loft conversion

Home office loft conversion ideas

Since Covid-19 first reared its ugly head, home working has become more and more popular. Where people in early 2020 may have made makeshift workspaces on kitchen tables or fitted a small work desk in the bedroom, many are now creating dedicated home working spaces. Where losing a spare bedroom or downstairs living space may take too much from a home, creating an office in the loft can be an excellent way to work at home while feeling you have separate spaces to work and then relax. Like with zen rooms, to make sure you have light entering the space, consider using dimout fabrics

Zen room loft conversion inspiration

In a busy modern world, finding peace can be a hard thing to attain – therefore many people are looking to use their loft conversions for relaxation spaces. Whether it’s for meditation, yoga, or just relaxing with a book, finding the right blind for the rooflights is very important. Light makes us feel happier and at one with the world. Consequently, voiles and sheer fabrics are perfect options for letting light elegantly filter into a relaxation space. To help find your zen, read our Zen Inspired Interior Design blog.

Bathroom loft conversions

Another great way to find zen is in a luxurious bathroom as they create a relaxing and comforting environment. Loft conversions are often airier, more open spaces so you can have space to unwind, however your pick of fabric for the rooflights is very important. Fortunately, we have a wide selection of moisture proof roof blinds which won’t be marked or damaged by the steam and water. Shop the range today and enjoy a relaxing, deep soak in your trendy new bathroom loft conversion!

Create a loft conversion gaming room

Game rooms and man caves are becoming increasingly popular. For lovers of everything from FIFA to Warhammer, a well kitted out games room can be a hub for friends and family alike. For most games, light is very important so looking toward dimout fabrics will be a wiser choice then blackout. If, however, your drive is to make the space very dark to maximise a video game, do consider that the severe contrast between light and dark can tire your eyes out, make them dry and result in worsening eyesight.

Loft conversion Velux blinds

Velux windows are a very popular option for many loft conversions – regardless of the room’s function – due to their high quality and diverse options. While the idea of measuring Velux windows for blinds may feel intimidating, it couldn’t be easier. Simply open the window and look for a metal patch near the top, which should include the brand name and a product code, for instance “GGU” and “C01”, or “78×98”. The code distinguishes your model of roof window, which will then inform the type of blind you will need.

Once you know the size, you can select from an exceptional range of colours, patterns and styles that will elevate your décor.

There are also the benefits listed above, including blackout and dimout alongside voiles and sheer fabrics allowing you to find the perfect option for your converted loft’s Velux windows! For more information about the benefits of roof blinds, check out our Buyers Guide for Roof Blinds! These same principles can also be applied to a selection of alternative roof windows, including Velux, Fakro, RoofLITE and Dakstra.

photo to show example a a kids bedroom in a loft conversion

Whether your loft conversion has Velux windows – or a similar alternative – finding the right blind for your space is vitally important. Shop the range today and remember to order up to eight free samples if you can’t quite settle on which of our amazing fabrics are best for you.

Shop some of our skylight roof blinds perfect for loft conversions

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