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The Light Touch – Statement Lighting Ideas For The Home

The Light Touch – Statement Lighting Ideas For The Home

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 4 Feb 2022

For many of us, creating our perfect home interior is a process that can take hours and hours of hard work. We can muse upon different colour combinations, which fabrics will work best, and whether we want joyful patterns or something more classic – however – without good light, it’s all for nothing. Today, we’ll be talking about the all-important lighting in a space and how you can make the most of it in your home.

Using light in interior design

Without light, it wouldn’t matter how we decorated our spaces; but with it, it illuminates our homes and showcases the time, thought and creativity which we have devoted to them.

The difference between natural and artificial light

Light essentially falls into two categories for the purposes of interior design – natural and artificial. Natural light is that which streams through your windows from the sun, and artificial light can instantly flood a space with the flick of a switch, but how do we make the most of both? Well, this blog should include all the information and top tips you should need!

Different styles of statement lighting

Whether you live in grey or sunnier parts of the world, you can’t always count on the sunshine to illuminate your space. Therefore, artificial light continues to play an important role in our home lives. Considering the UK gets particularly grey and dark, statement lighting is a fun and stylish way to add excitement into your space.

Artificial lighting

Artificial light may be practical, but it’s also a great way to enrich the beauty of a space, not just illuminating it. Over the years, we’ve evolved from unadorned candles to intricate lamps and ceiling fittings which help us to read, cook, study and live. What then could enhance the style of any light fitting more than charming and fashionable statement lamp shades?

How to make the most of your lamp shades

Lamp shades help to mute artificial light in the home, removing any unnecessary glare, and with an exciting selection of colours available, will contribute positively to any décor. Moreover, to help you enjoy statement lighting in your space, we offer a wide-ranging selection of patterns too. Lamp shades offer a great vehicle for pattern as they are often found on white painted ceilings or on furniture. This neutral setting makes the perfect backdrop for joyous use of colour and pattern.

Metallic inners for lamp shades

The beauty isn’t only found on the outside of a lamp shade however, there is beauty within. At Blinds Direct, we offer a fantastic selection of metallic inners which will introduce sparkle and elegance to your home. As our lamp shades are made to order, any can be upgraded with a brushed silver, copper, or gold inner.

The best ways to add statement lighting to your home

Statement lighting can be sometimes misconstrued with over the top, or gaudy. Statement lighting is more about creating something that contributes to the overall theme of the home, or creates points of interesting contrast.

For example, if your space is themed around a chic, monochrome palette, anthracite grey or black lamp shades will work just as well as a vibrant coloured alternative would in a more colourful design theme. 

Additionally, with coloured walls becoming increasingly popular, a patterned lamp shade that makes use of fun or traditional patterns composed of different juicy tones will create an interesting depth in your decor, and a pop of excitement.

Conversely, a delicately coloured lamp shade set amidst brightly coloured wallpaper, blinds, cushions and furniture will make a calming statement by maintaining a sense of order within the space. 

Window dressings that improve statement lighting

Natural lighting – privacy vs light

Within the realms of interior design, there is often a total compromise you have to accept between light and privacy. Take curtains for example, to enjoy light you have to open them and sacrifice most, if not all of your privacy. Likewise, if you want to be private, you then have to compromise on the levels of natural light you can enjoy. Not all window dressings work this way however, there are some that let light filter into your rooms without opening your space to the outside world.

Enjoy the light with Day & Night blinds

One of the best examples of finding harmony between light and privacy are Day and Night blinds. Also known as ‘Zebra blinds,’ these chic window furnishings feature alternating strips of fabric that slide against each other, allowing you to change between a block colour – for full closure and privacy – and stripes that softly filter the light and views from outside. Take advantage of sophisticated design and excellent functionality, in a range of elegant colours.

Illuminate your space with Illusion blinds

Illusion blinds provide an outstanding solution for revelling in natural light. The combination of soft and sheer Voile fabrics provides a delicate textured effect that allows natural light to elegantly filter into a space while retaining a view to the outside. Illusion blinds are innovative and functional too. With a simple twist of the wand, the two-fabrics come together, balancing your need for to provide your home with airy light or complete privacy and security.

Wonderful wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are a classic choice for users looking to enjoy light and privacy. With almost any other window furnishing you have to block all the light to keep prying eyes out of your home. With wooden Venetian blinds however, you can angle and position the slats while still allowing light to filter in from outside. Moreover, to ensure we protect the environment, the woods we use to craft our wooden blinds are sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Whether you select lamp shades to enrich the light within your space, or an innovative window furnishing that controls it entering your home, you can rest assured that your purchase is made to last. All our lamp shades and blinds are made by hand here in the UK by a talented team of craftspeople. Moreover, they’re made to such a high standard they are guaranteed for five years.

Shop some of our products for enhancing your statement lighting:

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