Nautical Interior Design

Nautical Interior Design

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Tue 7 Aug 2018

The sea has always provided us with inspiration. Over time, artists have continued to produce pieces of work inspired by the sights and sounds of this mesmerising world. But it’s not only poets and painters who can take a spark from the ocean and create something beautiful. You too can be inspired and inject that carefree coastal feeling into your very own home…

What are nautical interiors?

Nautical interiors are less of a trend and more of an ongoing style that continues to stand the test of time. Each season, nautical reappears in different guises, whether that’s a laid-back coastal feeling, playful sailor chic or bright, tropical, under-the-sea vibes.

Different nautical interior styles stem from real-life coastal living across the globe. This includes the pastel-coloured houses that line the streets of quaint fishing villages in the UK, to untouched miles of coastline and deep cerulean waters on the other side of the world. But no matter the version of nautical that you favour, a fresh, natural spirit is at the heart of this look.

From its soft subtle seascapes to its characterful motifs, nautical interiors will never go out of style. This look creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, and therefore lends itself perfectly to family spaces where chilling out is the priority. Nautical works brilliantly in bathrooms too, making for a fresh and charming space. This style also brings a sense of travel and adventure to your home, meaning it’s ideal for a child’s room where imaginations should run wild, as well as a home office or studio where creativity is encouraged.

It’s safe to say, nautical interiors work in every area of the home! So how can you bring this timeless trend into your own space?

How to style nautical interiors

There are a number of ways to welcome seaside chic into your house. In terms of furniture, consider bare wood or stone washed and distressed finishes. Rattan may also be a good option if your nautical room is a conservatory. For parts of the home containing investment furniture, such as beds and large sofas, add a nautical twist with throws and cushions. You could also place an old trunk at the foot of the bed, or use it as an alternative coffee table, which will bring a rustic dimension to the area.

Natural weaves will tie in perfectly, such as wicker baskets, sisal rugs and cotton woven throws. Ropes and yarns can also be used to finish off decorate items, such as wall hangings, or wrapped around jars, vases and lamp bases to transform old pieces.

Handmade pottery and glassware will create a feeling of trips to the seaside. For a more personalised effect, fill jars or glass vases with pebbles, shells and trinkets from your journeys, such as luggage tags and tickets – even the most boring of items can look beautiful when displayed like this.

When it comes to colour palettes, look to natural shades that represent the sea and its shore; aqua, teal, navy, sand, cream and grey. White can be used to highlight, whilst red and coral will inject more excitement. For a truly nautical colour combination, choose blue and white stripes. Striped designs are synonymous with seaside style and are ideal for soft furnishings such as window treatments, cushions and rugs, as well as accessories like vases, lamps and bowls.

The key to effective nautical interiors is all in the detail. Bring character and texture through accessories, soft furnishings and art work, sprucing up your existing furniture and decor with a beachcomber twist. Choose motifs to suggest a feeling of the ocean, such as compasses, anchors, telescopes and wheels for a sense of exploration, and feathers, coral and starfish for extra colour and interest.

Stars are also symbolic of navigation at sea and can be utilised in a number of ways. They are particularly effective in the bedroom, where the feeling of a starry night sky will make your beach chic space even more relaxing.

Nautical blinds

Bring deep sea style and coastal charm into your home with a high quality design from Blinds Direct. We’ve handpicked a selection of our favourite nautical-inspired products, including Roman blinds, shutter blinds, curtains and cushions, which offer a sense of the seaside in both playful and sophisticated styles. Click the images to shop direct or view our full collection here.


Dive into nautical interiors this season and make more of your windows with high quality interior furnishings from Blinds Direct. You can also explore our Nautical Pinterest board for more inspiration. Want to know more? Get in touch with our team for more information.

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