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Trend Focus: Equatorial Interior Design

Trend Focus: Equatorial Interior Design

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 18 Feb 2022

A natural twist on the well-known Boho Chic interior design, equatorial design is a fun way to incorporate pattern and colour into your home and reconnect with the environment. By using natural materials and plants alongside terracotta and green soft furnishings, equatorial design brings a jungle inspired feeling into our home.

Creating an equatorial aesthetic

Regions that sit on the planet’s equator tend to be home to an explosion of life. From towering trees to exotic animals, and dense undergrowth, there is a fine balance of calmness and chaos in these places that not only inspires our imaginations but provides much of what we need to live.

Extracting aspects of the jungle and implementing them into our homes is a great way to feel reconnected with nature. The use of large leaf and floral prints, natural materials including wood, and terracotta and green colourways are all ideal for reimagining an equatorial design wherever your home may be. 

image to show example of bedroom with equatorial interior design

Jungle print

The most effective – and often easiest – way to recreate the magic of the jungle is using large leaf patterns and floral prints. These large-scale prints help us feel immersed somewhere enchanting and reconnected to nature, while adding pattern and style into our homes.

Different types of jungle prints

Leaf print curtains for example are a wonderful starting point, as the large swathes of fabric will have an impactful appearance on the space, creating a visually dramatic look while keeping our homes warm. In a jungle, the density of the undergrowth can have a sense of security. To recreate this feeling of depth in our homes, we recommend layering curtains with blinds. Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds are great for sound absorbing qualities as the additional layers of fabric will act as a barrier, making our homes a calming haven.

Wildlife prints are another fabulous way to recreate a jungle inspired interiors. By using prints featuring monkeys, tigers, or birds of paradise, we can really grasp the essence of the equatorial jungle, allowing our visual sense to immerse ourselves into an oasis of tropical sophistication.

Natural Materials

Trees are integral to rainforests, from palm trees in South America to Jelutong in Asia. Owing to its hardwearing and sustainable characteristics, wood has become a material that is loved around the world, adding a chic finish into interiors globally. Incorporating wood into our home has never been easier and can be done in a simplistic, stylish way, through the use of Wooden Venetian Blinds and Shutters.

Easy ways to introduce natural materials to your home

The most realistic way to invite the feeling of a jungle into a space is by sticking to the natural wood colours, from light and natural oaks to medium and dark oaks

The warming tones will help the space feel warmer, while the natural finish adds texture to the room. The louvres will also create a slashed light appearance in the room, re-creating the feel of pockets of light that reach the forest floor to curate a dynamic, illuminated space.

image to show how to use the equatorial trend at home
image of living room with house plants and wooden shutters influenced by the equatorial region

Protecting the environment

Minimising our actions upon the environment is a core belief at Blinds Direct. Therefore, to ensure we maintain a sustainable interior design, all of our wooden Venetian blinds and shutters are crafted from sustainably sourced wood, harvested from responsibly managed forests.

This commitment allows you to add a touch of nature into your home while remaining environmentally friendly, and enjoy an impactful jungle inspired interior without damaging the rainforest.

Recycled fabrics

We also care about the world’s oceans and have a special range of blinds made from recycled fabrics. The polyester used in many of our Roman blinds, curtains and lampshades is made from recycled plastics, reducing landfill and damage to our oceans.

The colours of the equatorial trend

Introduce the earth’s natural tones into your space to recreate an equatorial inspired interior design. The use of terracotta’s and greens are the ideal starting point, whether they are accessory colours or the primary tones, we can’t go wrong when sticking to mother nature’s tones.

How to add jungle shades to your interior

Starting small by adding cushions or lampshades is a safe approach and provides scope for your décor to grow, allowing for trial and error until the perfect look is achieved. That said, if your preference is diving into the deep end to achieve a maximalist look, we have you covered with a wide selection of Roman blinds, curtains and roller blinds. Combining terracotta Roman blinds with green curtains will add a dramatic look to the space, without being overbearing, creating a contrasting colour palette that is beautiful to the eye.

living room room set inspired by equatorial interiors

Equatorial design is a fun way to experiment with patterns and colours, allowing us the chance to layer up different prints and patterns or to inject pockets of texture and colour throughout.  With a wide selection of jungle inspired prints and earthy tone colourways, we’ll have something for your home on the Blinds Direct website.

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