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Trend Focus: Mindful, Spiritual Homes

Trend Focus: Mindful, Spiritual Homes

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Sun 25 Oct 2020

Today we look at how you can create a space that encourages spirituality and mindfulness in your home – inspired by astrology, crystals and magic.

Look to the heavens and style a room that both dazzles and relaxes, making it a sacred and spiritual place you can retreat to, feeling connected and at peace.

example of a spiritual home

Crystal interiors

An important part of the mindful and spiritual home trend is crystals. Crystals are a unique addition to your home, offering more than just beauty. Many believe crystals promote positive energies, helping to calm, inspire and motivate.

“Amethyst will create a striking accent, relieving stress and clearing the mind.”

First, the opulent purple tones of amethyst are the perfect choice for your new spiritual space. Amethyst will create a striking accent while relieving stress and clearing the mind. Alternatively, you could opt for the bluer tones of azurite, which is thought to bring clarity, balance and new ideas. The intense blues of azurite will work beautifully in a number of colour schemes, enhanced by cool neutrals as well as brighter mustards and teals.

Agate is another popular choice for spirituality-seeking decorators, providing warmth, strength and protection. Choose from shades of white, grey, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple, with each piece offering a special swirled, banded design and an elegant translucency. No two agates are the same, making it a truly unique piece of décor for your home.

“A unique piece of decor for your home, bringing warmth, strength and protection.”

Crystals can be incorporated in a number of ways, including paper weights, bookends and coffee table arrangements. You could also look for crystal-inspired colours and patterns for your soft furnishings, such as cushions and stunning lamp shades. A piece of crystal artwork is another great choice for bringing spiritual style into your room.

a guide to design a spiritual home

Other ways to style a spiritual home

Create a more mindful and spiritual interior with deep, intense hues paired with elegant jewel tones. Look out for glass, crystal and metallic accessories, and soft textures including silk, velvet and chenille. While deep purple plays a leading role, other popular colour choices include inky tones of grey, blue and green. Additionally, many choose brighter emerald, turquoise and raspberry, and the gentle additions of mauve and rose.

Be inspired by our enthralling solar system and beyond, nodding towards star formations, distant galaxies and the magic of deep space. Delve into astrology, taking inspiration from your own sign, or the zodiac as a whole. You can also incorporate the mineral trend, with liquid-inspired prints that remind us of lava and marble. This will give your spiritual space a more modern edge.

“Be inspired by our solar system… delve into astrology… venture into the magical.”

Don’t be afraid to venture into the magical. Here, the colour purple can really come into its own. It is the colour of higher power and divination, after all. Due to its rarity and great expense, purple was reserved solely for Roman emperors, and it has retained its opulence, bringing a powerful elegance to your room.

Finally, pay attention to the little things. Create a spiritual home that both represents and encourages mindfulness, with silence, thoughtfulness and different calming sensations. You can do this through the colours, patterns and textures you select, along with natural greenery in the form of houseplants and soothing scents from candles and diffusers.

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