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Why We Love White Wooden Blinds

Why We Love White Wooden Blinds

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Tue 9 Jan 2018
Last updated Mon 7 Mar 2022

Our white wooden blinds are the ultimate window solution, offering a stylish silhouette along with exceptional functionality and ease of use. 

Are you on the hunt for new window dressings for your home? Today, we want to take a closer look at white wooden blinds. This style of window blinds is one of our most popular products, and with good reason. Here’s why we love them…

image of wooden table next to window with white wooden blinds

Classic design

The classic design offers a number of benefits. Consisting of horizontal wood slats linked together with a pulley cord system, this Venetian style blind can be fully raised with the slats gathering together at the top of the window, or lowered and rotated to block all views and sunlight from outside.

Perfect for privacy

Wooden blinds are particularly handy for those desiring total privacy. While most window dressings will only minimise views from certain directions or angles, the precise degree of rotation means wooden blinds can be adjusted to cover the whole window whilst still allowing natural light inside. The thick, sturdy nature of wood also means that each slat prevents shadows and outlines, unlike other sheer fabrics.

“The precise degree of rotation means wooden blinds can be adjusted to cover the whole window.”

Highly functional

There are a number of functional benefits to window blinds, including great insulation and light control (blocking out all natural light and UV rays when the slats are fully closed). Wooden blinds are also very easy to install, use and maintain, making them the ultimate choice for homeowners that want an easy life! If you have small children, you can also rest assured that your wooden blinds are supplied with child safety devices, which keep cords and chains tidied away safely.

Standing the test of time

What’s more, wooden blinds are incredibly durable. While the material is relatively lightweight, they are very hardwearing and are sure to stand the test of time. The wood slats are also quick and simple to clean – all it takes is a soft cloth or duster to remove dust, or try a mild detergent or wood cleaner for stubborn stains. Remember, if your blinds become damp in the cleaning process, you must dry them thoroughly to avoid misshaping. The one downfall of natural wood blinds is the risk of warping when wet.

“While the material is relatively lightweight, they are very hardwearing and sure to stand the test of time.”

Plenty of choice
and image of cream dining room with white wooden blinds

Wooden blinds can be selected in plenty of different finishes, from wax and varnish to stains, gloss paint and matte paint. While we appreciate a wide range of wood blind finishes, from warm oak and rich walnut to slick black and stylish grey, white has to be our favourite – and it’s proven time and time again to be our customers’ favourite, too.

Matching your interior style

The beauty of a white wooden blind is its ability to coordinate with a range of interior styles. Its natural grain and sleek, classic design makes it a truly versatile window solution, whether your room is a small and cosy area with bold furnishings, or a contemporary open-plan space with modern styling. White wooden blinds have the distinct ability to tie in with a variety of colours and textures, too. Unlike other window dressings, which require close inspection to ensure they coordinate with the rest of the space, white wood blinds will complement their surroundings perfectly.

“White wooden blinds have the distinct ability to tie in with a variety of colours and textures.”

A cool, cosy look

When purchasing your new wooden blinds, you’ll have a choice of width, drop and slat size. The width and drop will be dictated by the size of your window, of course, while the slat size will come down to personal choice. Recently we’ve seen a growing trend of wider slat sizes being selected, covering more surface area of the window. Wider slats also have a smaller stack height and less are required to make up the blind. Wide wood blind slats offer a more charming homely look compared to their narrow alternatives, especially when selected in a shade of white. Of course, white wooden blinds with narrow slats also look great. Consider these if you’re aiming for a more contemporary look, especially if you’re installing the blinds in a home office.

Our white wooden blinds

At Blinds Direct, all of our white wooden blinds are completed with a complementary valance to cover the head rail and provide a coordinated, stylish finish. Our blinds are also coated with UV paint, which helps protect against fading in the sunlight. Each product is made in-house by our talented production team, utilising only the best materials and components. We are proud to manufacture all our products from our facility in West Yorkshire, ensuring that every single item is well-made and passes rigorous quality checks.

“Each product is made in-house by our talented production team, utilising only the best materials.”

Take a look at some of the different spaces that benefit from white wood blinds, from classically decorated bathrooms, to light and airy conservatories, to a cosy and dramatic reception room. With white wooden blinds, the possibilities are endless!

photo of steel bath tub in bathroom with white wooden chair next to white wooden blinds      image of bight white room with green chair with white table next to it     photo of dark blue themed room with white leather sofa next to window with white wooden blinds

Want to shop? Discover our white wooden blinds today

You can also get in touch with our interior design team today by calling: 01924 481 729 or you can browse our Wooden Blinds Buyers Guide for more information on our wooden blinds .

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