Expert Guide - How To Measure For Perfect Fit Blinds

Use our simple step by step guides and videos to learn how to measure for Perfect Fit blinds. Always use a metal rule when taking the measurements and provide the dimensions in cm (unless using the website mm or inch options). You may find it useful to use a credit card when measuring the depth of your bead - more on that later.

1. Before you start

You need to make sure your window is suitable for a Perfect Fit blind. Ensure your window has a rubber beading between the window frame and the glass. If your window doesn't have a rubber beading, they are not suitable for Perfect Fit. Your window frame must have at least 3cm clear around all edges for your frame.

When you have checked your window is suitable, read on to start measuring.

Measuring diagram

2. Measuring your window

Using your tape measure, measure the width and drop of the visible glass pane. Be sure to repeat this in three different positions across the window and give us the smallest of the three measurements.

Top Tip: Don't include your rubber beading when taking your measurements - only measure the glass.

3. Measuring the bead depth

When configuring your blind, you will be asked to provide your bead depth so we can provide you with the right size bracket which your blind clips on to. Simply place a credit card across the corner of your window frame, and measure from the glass to your credit card.

This measurement is usually between 1.8cm (18mm) and 3cm (30mm).

Measuring diagram

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