10 Ways To Add Colour To Your Home

10 Ways To Add Colour To Your Home

Amy Kilvington

By Amy Kilvington

Content Writer at Blinds Direct
Fri 10 Mar 2017

Everyone needs colour in their life, from the clothes that we wear, to the food that we eat, to the homes in which we live.

Colour plays a serious role in our world, and not simply in terms of aesthetics. It influences our thoughts, inspires actions, and causes reactions. It brings balance, triggers memories, and can even affect our concepts of time and space.

We’re all aware of colour’s ability to set the mood: yellow brings energy, blue promotes calm, green eases stress, and red is powerful. This is particularly significant when it comes to the home, as it contains spaces that must be fit for purpose, including bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen, and perhaps a playroom or office.

So what are the most effective ways to bring colour into a room, enhancing its look and feel as well as its functionality? Here are our top ten tips for introducing colour to your home…

Colourful bug and beetle curtains

1. Customize your furniture

Style up old or boring furniture with some simple DIY, transforming it into a colourful customized piece. Track down bright new handles to add to drawers or doors, paint various sections with a bold colour, or swap a tired-looking surface for glass, stone or metal. Fabric furniture can also be customized with upholstery, which will breathe a new lease of life into your sofas and armchairs.

2. Mix and match textiles

There’s no need to stick to one key theme in a space. In fact, mixing and matching your styles will create texture and interest, helping your room to soar in the style stakes. We really enjoy combining different textiles for a casual contemporary effect, especially when it comes to cushions. This blend of colours and patterns works beautifully in living rooms, making the space more cosy and effortlessly cool.

3. Layer colours and patterns

As with the combination of textures and patterns, fusing different colours together is a great way to brighten up your home while maintaining a stylish edge. Our current favourite combinations are pops of warm mustard and airy blues upon simple whites and greys, as well as regal jewel tones layered with understated pastels.

4. Surprise accents

A colourful home isn’t just about bright wallpaper and bold furniture choices. In fact, style and interest can be achieved by ‘colouring in’ some seriously unexpected areas. Chair legs, window sills, bannisters and the inside of shelves can all benefit from a pop of colour.

5. Create a gallery

Gallery walls are set to be big this season, and we’re over the moon about it. As well as offering the perfect spot to showcase your family photos and favourite works of art, gallery walls provide a great opportunity to inject colour into a space that’s otherwise plain and simple. Choose a variety of prints that both complement and contrast one another, and complete with funky frames or clever clips.

6. Feature wall focus

Feature walls are a brilliant way to incorporate colour into the home without crowding your space. Select a statement wallpaper or bold paint and adorn one wall, creating a stark contrast with the simple, neutral shades of the rest of the room.

Natural colourful interior design7. Brighten up your work space

Your home office and study is likely to be the dullest room in the house. And it’s not surprising – why should a space that’s used exclusively for working be bright, colourful and interesting? Well, studies have found that pleasant work spaces are the most productive, so enhance yours by adding attractive accessories, wall art and soft furnishings.

8. Welcome nature indoors

The lush greens and vibrant blooms of nature’s creations are the perfect way to inject colour into your home. Choose from a wide array of houseplants including colourful orchids, large palms and easy-to-care-for cactuses. What’s more, bringing plants indoors will improve the air quality of the space, and make you feel more relaxed and productive.

9. Be brave and bold

Colour needn’t be limited to the inside of your home. Why not introduce an eye-catching shade to your house’s exterior? Painting your front door a bright, bold shade will make your home stand out and evoke emotions before you’ve even stepped through the door.

10. Dress your windows

And finally, one of the easiest ways to bring colour into your home is with a bright, stylish window dressing. Whether you’re a fan of rollers, prefer Roman blinds or have a penchant for curtains, striking window coverings are one of the simplest ways to add style and interest to any space.


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