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Christmas Colours – Enjoy The Magic All Year Round

Christmas Colours – Enjoy The Magic All Year Round

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 4 Dec 2020
Last updated Fri 2 Dec 2022

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year but as things stand, we could probably do with keeping some wonder and merriment in our homes throughout 2022 and beyond through using Christmas colours all year round.

Christmas colours in your home

Now we’re not advocating Christmas trees are kept up, or cookies and milk put out every evening for twelve months. What we want to do is distil its essence and enjoy Christmas all year round.

So how can we capture some perpetual Christmas magic without your space feeling like a theme park?

The most effective way is to use Christmas colours to prolong the cheer without necessarily staying Christmas-y. There are five key components to making magic for life, not just for Christmas.

The latest Christmas colour trends

Christmas is a time of year synonymous with colours. Below, we’ve compiled some of the best tones to celebrate the yuletide season, some of which are classical, and some of which are a little more contemporary. 

For example, Christmas 2021 is expected to have a more rustic feel with dried oranges found in garlands and – as always – beverages. This use of orange can be introduced into your interior design too to bring this new addition to the winter colour palette into your decor. Moreover, keeping with fruits, plumb tones will be popular this year adding a hint of regal purple into the mix.

living room setting with christmas colours

Our favourite Christmas colours

Shimmering silvers and whites

Silvers and whites mirror seasonal frosts, the trim of Santa’s outfit and the snowball about to be hurled by one child at another. These colours bring an energy to any space and a crisp, cooling calm to the room.

These colours are easy to wield too. To add a bit of sparkle to your home, you could easily install a striking silver velvet curtain, or some white cushions – or both!

Don’t forget the subtle power of lampshades either. As their job is to interact with light every day,  you can enhance the silver or white colour of the shade with the light it helps mute. This step will add a magical effect that’s as welcome in June as it is in the deep midwinter.

red chair to show christmas colours in room

Winter berry red

Holly berries, Rudolph’s nose and Santa’s hat have on thing in common – vibrant red.

Few colours embody the spirit of Christmas as much as red and what’s more, it is a colour that looks great in the home all year round. Dark, rich red curtains, vibrant scarlet cushions or patterned blinds featuring maroon in a supporting role will add a sophisticated statement to any space.

The beauty of red is it’s a warming colour where differing tones and hues compliment each other. A mixture of reds in a space will create harmony and elegance which will be enjoyed by friends and family alike. This magical colour will easily maintain the merriment through the festive period and beyond

Scandi Christmas colours

Scandinavia may be the historic home of Mr and Mrs Claus but there is far more Christmas cool we can take from this region to inspire us throughout the year.

A great yuletide-only item you can borrow from Scandi style is a pinecone wreath. Coloured in grey, white or silver, you can combine Scandi sophistication with our first section in one move.

For established year-round pieces, warming fabrics and tones must be the foundations of Scandi chic. Choices for a traditional Scandi feel will include candy reds and pure whites, however fabrics in cosy natural tones like creams, dark greys and browns work in a more contemporary Scandi space.

Don’t forget you can enhance any colour with textured fabrics. Thick wools and linens are great options to add a little texture to your room, adding a third dimension to this already refined décor.

scandi design with christmas colours
highlands design for christmas colours interior

Highlands and enchanted forests

For centuries, highlands and forests across Europe have been seen as special places. The magic of nature is thought to be strong in these places and what could be more Christmas than an evergreen Christmas tree?

The power of the highlands and enchanted forests can also be a great source of inspiration for your interior design. To pay homage to our own highlands in the UK, you can make use of striking tartans or even prints showcasing noble stags.

If you’re looking for flora over fauna, natural tones of green enhanced with foliage designs can help diffuse the power of Christmas throughout your home 365 days per year. Don’t forget you can also deploy rich woods as curtain poles or wooden blinds to further utilise the magic of nature.

Our best gift ideas for the Christmas season

Christmas is a time for showing how much we love our family and friends and it’s nice to remind people of that love throughout the year. While gadgets and novelty jumpers may be “of the moment”, a gift that takes pride of place in the home will keep you in the minds of your loved ones for years to come. As a result, why not add some comfort and style to your friends’ and family’s homes with a handmade cushion, or even a lamp shade?

To assist you in the quest to enhance your décor with Christmas colours – or to help enjoy Christmas all year round – we’ve created a dedicated collection of products which suit the categories above. You can browse our Christmas coloured inspired festive collection here.

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