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Colour Focus: Grey Is The New Grey

Colour Focus: Grey Is The New Grey

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Fri 12 Feb 2021
Last updated Tue 23 May 2023

The Grey colour has been popular for years, but with many saying brown or beige is the new grey, has this colour had its day? To us, the answer is, “certainly not – grey is the new grey”. Here’s why…

Tones change and we can change with them

For more than a decade, grey has been on the rise. From sofas to walls and kitchen cabinets, a grey colour palette has been enjoyed in thousands of homes. The reason for this longevity is the vast range of grey tones available. Because they are all sophisticated in their own ways, there will always be a hue that’s perfect for any interior design theme in your home.

At the genesis of grey’s accession to the style throne, popular tones were pale and as time elapsed, they morphed and mutated to included hints of other colours. Pink, green and purple, grey tones became popular, owing to the grey element’s ability to maintain cohesion around the space.

As we have moved through 2020 to ’21, grey has remained popular, but it’s evolved and become darker and earthier.

With more thematic trend shifts such as scandi and nomad styles becoming popular, style-conscious decorators are looking to more natural tones. To support this trend, buyers are now looking to slate and charcoal greys to make their homes chic.

Grey colour, the great support act

The value of grey lays within its versatility. If you have a real hankering to use a funky or bold tone – but don’t want to have it splashed all over the room – grey is the perfect supporting colour, shouldering the burden of colourising the majority of your space.

Grey doesn’t have a forthright personality as such. Because it’s as comfortable in the back seat as it is the front, grey will work with every colour in the spectrum from pure whites to juicy reds and natural green tones – the trick is to find the right tone of grey.

The best thing to remember is, “let your grey tones counter the statement spot colours”. For example, if you’re using a navy blue or crimson, opt for a delicate pale grey that will help frame and enhance the darker colours. Likewise, if you’re using softer, more natural colours including yellows, eucalyptus or sky blue, a mid-grey tone will achieve the same effect.

To support more fluorescent colours, simply go darker again to help it pop.

For those looking to explore monochrome themes but find black a little too gothic or a smidge emo, charcoal grey is a fantastic alternative.

By softening the design statements made throughout the home, grey helps to unify a space and imparts a calm feeling.

If you’re looking for more specific ideas, you can learn which colours go best with grey in our recent blog!

fabric with grey colour on cushion

photo of grey coloured roman blinds in dining room set

How to get the most from the colour grey in your home

To get the most out of grey you need to first decide what you want it to do. If you are still deciding on a window furnishing, for example, but have yet to pick the material or style, consider how grey can boost the aesthetics of the material and work with the shapes your fitting will offer.

For grey wooden Venetian blinds, be they natural or faux, we find that the earthier grey tones offer the best effect. Because the wood we use is only sourced from responsibly managed forests, sticking with the natural theme will help achieve a wholesome and homely effect. With grey faux wood Venetian blinds, you can even add a splash of vibrant colour to by choosing a contrasting tape!

Grey Curtains offer a wealth of opportunity when you consider the colour. Grey adds elegance and sophistication to a curtain because of the shade cast in the dips when they are open. This 3D effect can make any room feel instantly appealing and snug. What’s more, coupled with a velvet, woollen or linen material, the already powerful statement made by the curtain becomes stronger and stronger. Grey wool or linen highlights and celebrates the texture of the chosen material while velvet interacts beautifully with light adding a bit of a 20s vibe.

To add extra sparkle, you could even consider a metallic grey tone to maximise this effect.

For more angular window dressings – including Roman and roller blinds – you can enjoy the same benefits as listed above while making the most of pattern.

Pattern can be used with any window dressing but due to the flat nature of Roman and roller blinds, you can enjoy a pattern to its full potential. Whether you’re looking for country plaid or a modern glamourous addition to your home, grey is the perfect starting point.

The Colour Grey is dead, long live grey! We hope you’ve enjoyed this exploration into grey and found the inspiration you were looking for. We have a great selection of grey items available on our website including those we’ve mentioned above plus many more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team directly, they are always happy to help.

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