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Colour Focus: Terracotta Colours

Colour Focus: Terracotta Colours

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Thu 13 Oct 2022
Last updated Mon 12 Jun 2023

Don’t we all love that sun-kissed sensation, where our skin has that summery glow, and we feel the power of the season? While the summer has ended and autumn begun, terracotta colours infuse homes with that sun-kissed aura the year round. In today’s blog we will be looking at the different shades of terracotta and which colours it works best with. Ready to feel inspired? read on…

What colour is Terracotta?

Inspired by the colour of Earth’s natural clay, terracotta has a wonderful way of enriching a space without being too extreme or overbearing. Evocative landscapes from North Africa to Italy and Southeast Asia, this colour means ‘baked earth’ and it certainly captures that warming feeling. The diverse range of shades available make terracotta a transitional colour, one that is exciting to work and live with.

room set image to show what colour goes with terracotta interiors

Shades of Terracotta

Terracotta shades range from saturated hues to pastel tones, and from stronger oranges to richer reddish browns. The diversity of this colour can make it a little intimidating when it comes to finding the perfect tone to decorate with. Nonetheless we have selected three of our favourite terracotta hues with some top tips on how you can use them in your home!


A more earthy, brown-red shade of terracotta, cinnamon creates a cosy aesthetic within a space. A great, powerful colour for north-facing bedrooms this enriching brown-reddish shade will transform the cooler natural light into a warming glow. Add large accents of cinnamon through curtains to achieve maximum impact and working in block colours will really project the “wow factor”. That said, implementing cinnamon though pattern will have just as an impactful appearance while also adding depth to the space.


Classed as a softer shade of terracotta, apricot is on the cusp of a pale orange, making it an energetic, uplifting tone to work with. Combine apricot shades with richer tones of terracotta and deep shades of blue to create a truly captivating interior. A great shade for kitchens, colour block with the window dressings to get the most out of this delicate, yet inspiring tone.


Infuse your home with a spicy element by incorporating paprika shades. A redder hue of terracotta, paprika will instantly ground your décor adding a wholesome sensation to your home. Painting a space in a paprika colourway can be daunting for many, therefore we recommend implementing this tone into the space through patterned and striped soft furnishings.

image of cushions on top of wicker chair to show some terracotta home accessories

What colours go with Terracotta?

With terracotta offering a strong presence from the natural world, it complements a wide range of shades and hues making it perfect for any colour scheme or interior style.

Whether it is used as an accent colour, or the focal shade, a shade of terracotta will make your home welcoming and comfortable, but it can’t stand alone. Therefore, let’s find out which colours work best with today’s theme!

Pink and Terracotta

The perfect colour combination for boho interior design lovers, pale and pastel pinks paired with the softer hues of terracotta create a space full of calming energy. Style this scheme with natural linens, ropes and chunky materials to achieve a boho inspired space. Add depth to the space with plants to achieve maximum style.

Deep blue and Terracotta

Shades of earth and deep ink blue may be a bold move, but Mother Nature always knows best! Pairing this exquisite earthy tone with the colour of a dark sea will transform your home into a space of tranquillity and calm. Using dark blue will create a calming foundation from which to implement warming accents of terracotta via scatter cushions and matching lampshades for that extra touch of style.

Forest green and Terracotta

Continuing the natural theme, mixing refreshing forest greens with terracotta colours will add an interesting contrast to your home’s design. By keeping with the realm of natural shades, you’ll create a sense of dynamism without the colours clashing and causing discord. For the best effect, combine terracotta with forest green within a pattern, especially a nature inspired design with flowing shapes.

Finding the perfect shade of terracotta can be challenging with the varying tones, hues, and shades available. That said, with the option of ordering up to eight free samples you’ll find the perfect cosy shade for your home.

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