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Top Tips For Green Bedrooms

Top Tips For Green Bedrooms

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Tue 7 Mar 2023

Green is a diverse, energising colour that is cool, chic and captivates the imagination. While green is a joyful, noticeable colour, it helps us to relax and remind us of the beauty of nature. With this in mind, green is a great colour for decorating a bedroom and by following the steps we explore today, you’ll be enjoying better sleep in no time! Let’s explore green bedrooms.

Why green is good for bedrooms

If you’ve read our Positive Colours blog, you’ll know that green is an amazing colour fizzing with energy and potential. When used well, green can help us to unwind, relax and find peace – three perfect elements for a bedroom! 

From green curtains to natural plants, a green bedroom will easily become an oasis of peace and calm, and a beautiful sanctuary in which you can recover from the stresses of the day. You can consider green wall paint, green blinds, curtains, bedding and lamp shades to add the benefits of green. If you choose green Roman blinds or curtains, you can make your bedroom even greater with a free blackout lining for better sleep

Green can either be used as the primary colour in a bedroom, or in a supporting role, it mostly depends on the shade (or shades) that you select! Let’s find out how to best use green in your bedroom.

close up image of the corner of a green bedroom room set image with chair next to curtain

Green as a dominant colour

For a long time, green has been used as a supporting colour in countless homes, but it can be used as the leading shade with just as beautiful results. 

Light green bedroom ideas

For a mostly green space, we’d suggest using soft leafy shades such as sage or eucalyptus as the core. From there, you can add other colours from pure white to even dark greens! If you have soft green walls, you could consider similar hues in your lamp shades, any scatter cushions you may enjoy, or throws on the bed. Then, at the windows, you could add a fun contrasting colour such as white, cream or even dark red! 

Dark green bedrooms

Alternatively, you can even use dark green curtains or Roman blinds to keep with the green theme but play with the depth and sophistication of the space. By picking a couple of shades, you can enhance the power of green in your bedroom while avoiding it looking two dimensional and flat.

Green as a supporting colour

While green is an excellent contender for the lead colour in your bedroom’s decor, you can also use it in a supporting role! Many modern bedrooms make fantastic use of neutral shades of off white, cream, eggshell and vanilla and luckily, green is one of the best supporting shades.

When using green as a secondary colour, you can stick with soft or dark shades, but you can also look at vibrant, juicy tones for inspiration. Lime green cushions, pear lamp shades and neon greens found in patterned blinds or curtains can elevate the energy of any bedroom, helping you to enjoy the calming power of green as part of a dynamic colour palette!

If neutral shades aren’t quite your thing, bright greens will partner particularly well with brown, yellow, pink and certain shades of blue. Don’t forget, it’s your bedroom so pick the colour combinations you enjoy – if you need more information before making your decision, order up to eight free samples.

image of green bedroom with large house plant next to bed

Don’t forget about bedroom plants!

Adding green furnishings to your bedroom is clearly an amazing way to transform the energy, style, and beauty of the space, but they’re not the limits of this naturally sophisticated colour. 

Whether you’ve dominated your bedroom with green, use it as a support colour, or don’t use it at all; you can add natural leafy plants with striking results. Plants will reconnect you and your space with the natural world while they also filter the air and add more oxygen to help you enjoy better sleep. 

Some of the best plants for bedrooms include snake, Golden Pothos and spider plants! For experienced decorators, you can find a range of coloured plants that compliment your green bedroom decor. 

A green bedroom will look amazing and help you sleep better. By finding the right shade of green for your bedroom, you can manifest your own sanctuary and find peace while recovering from the strains of the day. 

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