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Colour Of The Month: Beautiful Blues

Colour Of The Month: Beautiful Blues

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Thu 15 Jul 2021
Last updated Mon 8 Aug 2022

Thanks to popular culture, having the blues is associated with sadness. We don’t agree with that, and today we’ll show you just how refreshing and energising shades of blue can be. To achieve this, we’ll be looking at the paler end of the spectrum, from turquoise to petrol blue, and a lot in between.

The benefits of shades of blue in interior design

Few colours stir emotion as deeply within us as blue. We recently covered the benefits of dark blues in our Colour Focus: Dark Blue blog, however lighter shades of blue provide equally emotive and positive vibes in a space.

Pale blue makes us feel of limitless potential. It conjures memories of the sky and the sea, both of which have inspired countless generations to do great things. This feeling of calm and peace, which light blue embodies, can be enjoyed around the home. Bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms in particular benefit from a well-chosen pale blue shade.  

While it’s not associated with a warming feeling, light blues are also great in the bedroom, especially when it’s a more interesting tone such as a seafoam or closer to turquoise. These tones will help you unwind and relax following the rigmarole of the day.

Let’s take a look at some specific pale blues…

photo of wooden chair with cushion on top next to table with house plant in front window with turquoise curtains

Turquoise interior design

Turquoise is a fantastic shade for interior design. It’s subtle, invigorating and what’s more, partners well with a great selection of other colours.

Blue-green tones such as this are linked to the natural world, good health and stability. They work particularly well in a Roman, vertical, or roller blind; especially if a similar shade is used through out a room, for example a sofa, cushions, pillows, or lampshades.

Sky blue interior design

Compared with turquoise, sky blue is a paler, more “bluer”, shade of blue. This tone is eminently energising and is the perfect colour to mix into a predominantly white space. If your space is mostly white – any shade of white – look to sky blue as a block colour. Again, Roman, roller and curtains are an excellent starting point.

Moreover, sky blue is a brilliant addition to a darker shade of blue, particularly since it will make the space and colour pop. To achieve the best effects with its darker cousin, consider using sky blue as a part of a broader pattern, or as a spot colour. Cushions, lamp shades, and a supporting role in a patterned curtain are easily some of the best ways to enjoy this colour.

image of two chairs with petrol blue print next to dark table in front of stairs

Petrol blue interior design

The one word that best sums up petrol blue is, “deep”. This is a very luxurious colour which can fuel the energy and positivity of a space. The easiest way to use petrol blue is as part of a contemporary interior design scheme however, when done correctly, you can enjoy a fun twist on traditional design too.

For a modern space, look to sleek, angular designs – whether it’s the shape of the furniture or the patterns featured upon them. Also look to use petrol blue in a soft material that’s pleasant but reserved. Wools and linens are fantastic options.

To play with traditional interior design, petrol blue works equally well with velvet and more rounded pieces of furniture.

Powder blue interior design

Pastel shades of powder blue are on the cooler side of the light blue spectrum. Because of the delicacy of this tone, it’s a great primary colour for a space – particularly a relaxing space.

Large windows would benefit from an elegant powder blue curtain or Roman blind while the smaller windows in the bathroom would likewise benefit from a lovely roller blind. Because of the paler nature of powder blue, you can avoid patterns if you wish, this is because the light will interact beautifully with the colour, especially in a flowing window furnishing such as a curtain.

powder blue works extremely well with other colours too. Whether you want spots of white, indigo or even shining yellows, powder blue will help to bring everything together.

close up image of baby blue painted wooden chair with cushion on top next to open window

For more information about colour, be sure to check out our colour of the month series on the blog. Additionally, if you can’t decide on which shade of blue is best for your home, remember you can order up to eight free samples to see your shortlisted shades in the flesh at Blinds Direct.

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