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Creating A Spring Nest For Your Children

Creating A Spring Nest For Your Children

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Wed 24 Feb 2021
Last updated Fri 2 Dec 2022

More aspects of everyday life are happening in the home, not only is now a time for nesting at home for you and your family, it’s time to create appealing break away spaces for your kids! For any mums and dads looking for inspiration on how to make a cosy home with space for your kids, read on

Ready for nesting at home in the summer

Historically, nesting at home has related to the winter months. During the cold and the wet, we spend more time inside and as a result, its important to boost the cosy and homeliness. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement earlier this week however, it seems the UK is going to be spending a little bit longer in doors, so our winter nests need stay in place but updating for the nicer, lighter weeks ahead. Therefore, lets mimic the returning migratory birds and make new nests this spring!

As mentioned above, nesting is about cosiness and peace in the home. In order to battle the cold, our traditional take on nests often include heavy materials, bold country patterns and just the right amount of clutter. This clutter of course doesn’t mean cereal boxes and pop bottle lying around, it’s about throws, little side tables for hot drinks and rugs in family areas of the home. While beautiful, these items fit the winter purpose and may make a room feel sweltering once the weather starts to turn. The good news is many of the underlying principals can be applied in the spring, you just need to consider the right materials and colours.

Winter is about thick wools and velvets, plaids and rich colours. For a spring nest, look to keep soft furnishings in the home but replace them with linens and silks in a pale neutral palette. Additionally, bring plenty of natural flowers and plants into your homes for that “well placed clutter” effect. By doing so, you’ll create a fantastic, friendly environment that can be enjoyed by younger and older family members alike. Sometimes however, we need our own space and children will benefit from a little nest all of their own – here’s some more top tips!

kids room interior layout with white cot, striped blanket and grey roller blind

Decorating your baby’s room

While tiny, sleep is particularly important for infants. An important step in any baby’s development is teaching it the difference between night and day. The NHS suggests that during the day, even if the baby is asleep you should not keep the home silent but instead do that only when they sleep at night. Moreover, it is suggested that when night comes, the lights and noise are kept equally low.

As windows are a major source of both light and sound, they should be the first place you upgrade to help you baby’s rest.

A great option to consider is an easy wipe roller blind. We all know babies can be accident prone and spillages of various severity can happen. Easy wipe roller blinds are very easy to clean and functional too.

Using the right fabric, you can help block out external noise and many have the option for blackout functionality too. This will help your little one get the maximum rest and best night’s sleep.

Before moving on, a quick note about safety. All our blinds that require a cord or chain to operate are supplied with a child safety device which keeps cords and chains tidied out of harm’s way away.

Interior design for bigger kids

Sleep, rest and their own space continues to be important as a child grows up. However unlike babies, older children often want to make their own mark on their rooms.

What ever colours your child likes should be prominent in their space. Bedding, painted walls and window furnishings are all great canvasses from which you can celebrate your child’s individualism and personality. Pattern too can be fun, but you can really make a mark on your child’s space with a blind showcasing images of their favourite things in life.

Whether they’re rockets, dinosaurs or even hits from the big screen like Star Wars™ or Marvel’s Spiderman, there is a great selection of items than can be found on our website. These options give your child the freedom to enjoy their beloved characters and things, without the need to mark walls with Blu Tack or put nails or screws in either.

As well we know from our own youths, as we grow older our tastes and enjoyments change and grow which can be easily reflected in our rooms too.

To give you the flexibility of easy change, consider using Perfect Fit Roller Blinds. With benefits including their innovative clip-on design, Perfect Fit Blinds are one of the most DIY-friendly solutions for your windows. No screws, no drills, no professionals necessary at all. All you need is a couple of minutes to fix the blinds in place. It’s as easy as that.

Finally, the suggestions made regarding blackout linings are equally pertinent for older kids too.

photo of older kids bedroom layout with grey bed and dinosaur roller blinds

All the window furnishings, cushions and lampshades available on our website are made by hand here in the heart of Yorkshire. To help you learn more about how to measure for your blinds or curtains, we’ve created a expert guide for measuring blinds! If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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