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The Hottest Trends For Winter 2022

The Hottest Trends For Winter 2022

Ana Zuravliova

By Ana Zuravliova

Trend Specialist at Blinds Direct
Mon 28 Nov 2022

Trends come and go both in fashion and interiors so it’s vital to find one that you love and will stand the test of time. In today’s blog we will be exploring the top interior trends for winter 2022. While popular this winter, you can rest assured that each of these trends will be stylish year round. Read on to explore the ‘on-trend’ interior trends for winter 2022.

image to show example of modern country winter trend for interior design

Modern country interiors

Venturing away from the traditional florals and intricate detailing often found in lace pieces, modern country is a charming trend that is about striking a balance between old and new. Think traditional without becoming kitsch, and contemporary without being too modern and sleek. 

Key elements of modern country decor

The first port of call for achieving a modern country decor is to stick with a light and neutral colour palette, ranging from creams and beiges to brilliant whites. Keeping the space light and bright adds a charming twist, compared to the traditional use of dark woods and shades of brown shades seen in older country style homes. Implementations of olive greens can be seen throughout many modern country interiors as it brings the outdoors in, without dominating the space.

Pattern and texture are additional key elements of the modern country style, bringing depth and dimension to the space. Sticking with the neutral palette adding floral and leaf prints is a great way to ‘bring the outdoors in’. Using soft furnishings including Roman blinds, cushions and cream curtains are great starting points for incorporating this important element of modern country decor into your home. 

Contemporary retro

Contemporary retro is a design trend that creates a timeless look for any room in your home. It is the perfect combination of modern decor with an eclectic mix of vintage features making it an ideal option for both classic and contemporary homes alike. Let’s see how you can enjoy this trend in your space…

Key elements of contemporary retro

As with all interior trends, colour is the foundation from which you can build your décor. For contemporary retro decor, the top colours to use include white – in any hue – blues, and terracotta shades. The contrasting shades of blues and terracotta add a retro feel while the shades of white work to brighten the space, bringing a modern twist to the scheme.

Combining modern touches, often seen in lighting fixtures, with retro prints is another way to achieve this popular trend. Retro patterns tend to consist of scallops and geometric prints which work elegantly with the modern twist of spherical lighting fixtures. Whether you decide to go for a small implementation of retro patterns through geometric cushions and lamp shades, or plan to go large scale with full length curtains, this style will add a timeless look to the space and can be adapted with ease over time. 

image of a contemporary winter interior design trend
photo to show example using curves in interior design

Curve appeal within Interior Design

Curves are becoming more prominent within interior design. Having stepped away from chunky furniture and working with mid-century styled items, curves are getting incorporated further through prints and accessories. So, how can we implement curves without the space feeling too rounded?

Mastering the curve

There are a lot of straight lines in homes from walls to cabinets however, you can soften these harsh edges by introducing curved items. A key aspect to mastering the curve is to create a focal point featuring a curved surface. This can be achieved by adding a round mirror on the walls, a circular coffee table in the living room, or working with spotty prints in soft furnishings. In many spaces, windows take up a large portion of the room, therefore dressing them with free flowing covering such as spotted curtains or voiles in a spotty print will add that soft, curved look to the space. 

Whimsigothic interior design

Whimsigothic is a design trend that is starting to take the world by storm. Evolving from Dark Academia, this trend focuses on the gothic features of dark brooding colours and baroque swirls yet pairing them with lighter touches, providing that whimsical flare. To create this style in your home work with dark blues, deep purples and black to bring the gothic element alive. Complete the look with sheer voiles and soft, natural toned furnishings, such as cushions, to add that important sense of fun to the space.

room set image to show example of Whimsigothic gothic interiors a trend for winter

Dressing your home in a trend that you feel most comfortable with can be a fun process which allows you to express your unique taste. With many of these winter trends as stylish the year round as they are today, they are some of the best options to keep your eyes and mind on for the new year.

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